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Italian Greyhound Puppies: Learn the Charms and Challenges of This Ancient Dog Breed

Written by: Melvin Peña

Last Updated on January 19, 2024 by Dogster Team

Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound Puppies: Learn the Charms and Challenges of This Ancient Dog Breed

The history of the Italian Greyhound stretches back so far, no one can say with certainty where or when this small dog breed originated. The best estimates, based on fossils and artistic depictions, place Italian Greyhound puppies in the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean, anywhere from two to three thousand years ago. By the Renaissance, Italian Greyhound puppies, or their precursors, could be found throughout Europe.

Italian Greyhound puppies, affectionately known as “IGs” or “Iggies,” now have a global presence. These adorable Italian Greyhound puppy pictures should not be taken as any kind of advertisement or inducement to impulsively adopting one of your own. Bringing any new dog into your home is a commitment, and Italian Greyhound puppies require more effort and patience than most. Let’s explore the charms and challenges of Italian Greyhound puppies together!

Italian Greyhound puppies need your attention!

All dogs thrive in loving homes, but Italian Greyhound puppies are among the most demanding of dog breeds with regard to their need for attention and affectionate interaction. This is my friend Corinne, a newly ordained minister living in Des Moines, Iowa, and her recently adopted Italian Greyhound, Vinnie. Italian Greyhound puppies do not do well on their own for extended periods of time, so it’s key that Corinne’s job allows her to reflect and write sermons with Vinnie right alongside.

Italian Greyhound puppies do best when they have constant companionship. Personal posts and objective articles alike suggest that Italian Greyhound puppies should live in multi-pet if not multi-Iggy households. Our next cute puppy photo takes us to Bangkok, Thailand, where a female Italian Greyhound has just provided herself with some company in the form of a tiny infant!

Sir Joseph Gladstone, an Italian Greyhound puppy with a stately name, has clearly found himself in an optimal situation. Embraced by the loving hands of his owner, Gladstone represents all that’s best about Italian Greyhound puppies. As much as they need your attention, Italian Greyhound puppies repay their families’ nurturing affection and patience 10 times over.

The challenges of Italian Greyhound puppies

As loving and lovable as they are, Italian Greyhound puppies are members of a breed that frequently finds itself relinquished to homes in shelters. People who are looking for hypoallergenic dogs or dogs who stay small, may rush into purchasing Italian Greyhound puppies without considering the needs of these small dogs. The needs of Italian Greyhound puppies extend well beyond simple caresses.

The comically oversized teeth of young Chloe’s dinosaur costume illustrate the fact that Italian Greyhound puppies need regular and consistent dental care. Italian Greyhound puppies have a much higher risk of tooth decay than average dog breeds. All available information recommends that Italian Greyhound puppies have their teeth brushed once a week, if not once a day.

The Italian Greyhound puppy above is named Fergie. Fergie lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. During the warmer parts of the year, a garland of flowers is more than sufficient in terms of outerwear. Italian Greyhound puppies are very small dogs with very short coats, which means they are quite sensitive to cold. If you’re considering adopting an Italian Greyhound puppy, make sure you have a wardrobe budget in place for sweaters and little coats!

Say hello to Charlie the Iggy, who calls Perth, Australia, home. Charlie, like most other Italian Greyhound puppies, is a fast, spry, and agile dog who loves intense physical activity. Italian Greyhound puppies can be a bit reckless as they dash and leap about, both inside and outside the home. Unfortunately, their small body size comes with a delicate constitution. Brittle bones, especially in their legs, makes the Italian Greyhound puppy more likely to incur broken bones and major veterinary bills.

Iggies are active cuddle buddies

The pristine moments captured in cute puppy photos are ones that we all treasure, but they don’t accurately convey all the work that comes along with owning Italian Greyhound puppies. They can be costly in terms of medical and dental attention, to say nothing of their fashion-forward cool-weather wardrobes. But as often as you see them cuddled on a couch, Italian Greyhound puppies are also demanding in their need for physical activity.

Italian Greyhound puppies are excellent couch-sitting pals, to be sure, but they are also quick, active, high-energy dogs. Outdoor time is essential for a happy and healthy Italian Greyhound puppy. Iggies are sight hounds, a variety of hunting dogs whose talents depend on instinct and reaction. For this reason, it’s essential to keep them leashed or harnessed when you go out to play.

The skittishness of Italian Greyhound puppies extends to their toilet training. Try as they might, Italian Greyhound puppy owners find that these puppy pals do not excel at exercising bowel discretion. Finding and cleaning up dog poop on the floor, on the carpet, or in the hallway are regular occurrences when you choose to live with Italian Greyhound puppies.

Share your experiences with Italian Greyhounds!

Italian Greyhound puppies have an innocent charm, and a look of perpetual youth and mischief plays about their eyes. We’ve tried to balance out that photogenic exuberance with an honest look at the challenges that Italian Greyhound puppies present. Let’s hear from all the Iggy lovers out there! What cautions would you offer to potential Italian Greyhound adopters?

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Featured Image Credit: JeebyJeeby, Unsplash

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