Is Menu’s Dry Food Tainted as Well?

There have been many questions (and fears) that the tainted Menu food goes beyond the wet and could include their dry food as well. Many...

There have been many questions (and fears) that the tainted Menu food goes beyond the wet and could include their dry food as well. Many of you have reported cases that seem to be linked. You are not alone.

Why is the mainstream media NOT paying attention? Oh, there’s some articles out there here and there, all claiming that the poison has only affected a few pets. But if you’ve been reading all the reports just here at this one blog, you’ve noticed there seems to be many, many more pets involved. And the ONLY thing that has been clear all along is that Menu knew more than it wanted to admit!

Now all the dirty big secrets are coming out! And the betrayal by Menu and any other company involved seems to be MUCH BIGGER than the news outlets want to say.

Why? Of course, the media may be acting responsibly to try to avoid panic. On the other hand, is it possible that the media does not want us to really consider what this tainted Chinese wheat means to ALL of us, not just the pet parents now mourning their furbabies?

How far has this tainted imported Chinese wheat entered the food system for ALL of us? If this poisoned food is in the dry dog food, what does that suggest about how far it might have entered into the human food streams? Are their humans in the US and Canada who have been poisoned as well?

Moreover, why are we allowing food products to enter the US and Canada from a country with a proven track record of NOT living up to our standards for food? DO we have a collective death wish? And if you think wheat is the only edible product coming into North America from China, look again. The only answer is because those Menu Food corporate executives in charge of buying the ingredients for the foods you and I feed our furbabies are more concerned with their pockets than our pets’, or our, health!

Thanks to Liz M., Cody’s furmom, for the following information.


It’s not just about wet food anymore…

The first item is about Nutro dry… after that you will see three links: the first to a very good Recall site… the next is regarding IAMS dry… the last is about the recall and discussion among many about their pet food experiences.

Thank you,
Despina A.

Hello everyone,

I hope you are enjoying this nice day….I just wanted to give you a little more info on the food recall.

I was feeding Nutro Max small bites (DRY) to my 3 Aussies and 1 Corgi. For the last 3 weeks on and off all 4 dogs have vomited yellow bile. I did not think much of it because it was on and off…maybe they were eating snow…whatever. Then the recall…only wet?

My brother called me on Sunday on the way back from the Rescue show and his 10 yr old Sheltie spayed bitch was vomiting bile on and off for a few days and now has blood in her urine. They brought in a UA and dog is being treated for a UA infection.

Yesterday he called me and his male-13 month old German Shepherd has blood in its urine…guess what…feeding DRY Nutro Max. Another UA to vets. No infection.

The dispatcher at the police department where I work over heard me
talking to my brother…she has 2 mixes on Nutro Ultra DRY…they have been vomiting bile on and off for about 4 weeks.

A women in my obedience class…her mother has a Terrier on Nutro All Natural DRY…dog is being treated for blood in urine.

The dispatcher called the FDA today and spoke with Bill Boiven (Spelling) at 781-596-7783. She gave him all our info and he contacted me. Guess what!!! They have already started to launch an investigation on the dry dog food. They are getting millions of phone calls about this. He did tell me that the foods are processed by 2 different manufactures but this is way to coincidental.

Yes I have now put my dogs on boiled rice, hamburger and Wellness. Just thought some of you might want to know and maybe call if you are having problems. Seems to be more wide spread than wet or canned.

Alicia Campbell
Moonstone Shepherds


Ken wrote:





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