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Do you ever feel like you're stuck in an old episode of I Love Lucy? I often wonder, do other people get in as many...


biscuit220349_1131652681Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in an old episode of I Love Lucy? I often wonder, do other people get in as many strange predicaments as I do and just not tell?

Suzanne Jalot, publisher of Dog Living Magazine, previewed Bo’s book BAD TO THE BONE: Memoir Of A Rebel Dogggie Blogger. When she finished she wanted to know if all the stories are true. I told her that indeed they were, it wasn’ t easy being me. Probably isn’t easy for Horst living with me.

I think of the book as a cross between I Love Lucy and Marley & Me, written through the dog. Unfortunately, I play Lucy. The whole point of this is what just transpired at our local PetSmart. I went over to buy the “kids” some food. I didn’t take Bo because it isn’t always easy for him to get around, Logan doesn’t like noise so he was out, and our beloved Copper turns a bit Cujo-ish around other dogs. Needless to say, she was definitely out.

Anyway, I’m in the store and had just grabbed my 40 lb bag of dog food. I slide it across the top of the cart and leave it there because otherwise it’s to hard for me to lift out, this way I just push it into the back of my car. As I’m headed for the register, with my bag horizontal across the top, I make sure to leave plenty of room between me and anyone walking by. I’m about 5 feet or so from the end of the aisle and there’s a lady blocking my way, I say excuse me, but she doesn’t really move. I say it again, still not much happening.

I don’t feel like turning around and going back down the aisle, I’m almost to the front, so I decide just to go around the other cart. At the end of this particular aisle is one of those front facing hanging displays, so you’ll see it and want to grab whatever is on it before you leave, an impulse buy. This display happened to contain about two hundred teeny, tiny cans of cat food.

I’m walking very close to the right side to squeeze by the other cart, I thought I had it. Then….I heard it….a very light tinking noise. The edge of my dog food bag hit the display and about 100 cans of the teeny, tiny cat food were now rolling across the floor. In every direction. While all the customers at the registers stared at me.

Hmmm…what to do? Do I pretend it wasn’t me? Maybe stare at the woman next to me and shrug my shoulders, make people think she did it? Do I start trying to round up the 100 rolling cans of cat food? Will the woman who should have moved her cart help me?

In the end the woman apologized, I started chasing cans, and a few customers came to help. So, is it just me, or does this stuff happen to other people? Share your funny story and you can win 50 zealies.

Oh, if you think this story is bad, it’s nothing compared to what Bo and I have gotten into. You still have time to order your copy of BAD TO THE BONE at the special pre-order price on Amazon. The book will be released in stores on September 29th!

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