Iowa Bill Would Classify Dogs as “Farm Products”

Talk about out in the open and "who cares our state supports puppy mills!" The Iowa legislature has passed a bill declaring puppy mill puppies...


New Bill Would Protect Puppy Mills

Talk about out in the open and “who cares our state supports puppy mills!” The Iowa legislature has passed a bill declaring puppy mill puppies to be “farm products.” the bill is on Governor Tom Vilsack’s desk right now waiting for him to decide whether or not to sign it. Here’s the story from

DES MOINES, Iowa — It’s a hot issue for animal activists and animal breeders across the state.

A bill awaiting the governor’s signature would allow licensed dog breeders to classify dogs as “farm products.”

It’s already passed both the House and Senate. Now, animal breeders are urging the governor to sign it while activists are pleading with him to veto it.

Rob Hurd, owner of Precious Pets in Carlisle, sells several different breeds of dogs and is a member of the Iowa Federation of Animal Owners. The group lobbied for the measure.

Hurd said the bill is intended to give breeders the same tax breaks as farmers.

“There are some tax implications that would be beneficial to us. One of them is, currently, we pay sales tax on … dog food, vet supplies,” Hurd said.

People such as Tom Colvin of the Animal Rescue League are trying to stop the legislation from being passed.

“There’s been some discussions about this being not a big deal, but it is a big deal,” Colvin said. “That is my biggest fear is that it is going to start stripping away protections that dogs currently have in the state of Iowa.”

Colvin said the bill classifies dogs as livestock, which don’t have the same protections as dogs.

“Once we start listing dogs as farm products, as livestock, it’s quickly one step and then another step and another step. We’re very, very concerned about where that whole thing can go,” Colvin said.

The governor’s office said that Gov. Tom Vilsack is listening to concerns on both sides of the debate and will make a decision later this month.

Do I even have to say how wrong this bill is on so many different levels???? Probably not, but I can’t help it. Passing a bill to HELP puppy mills? Reputable breeders won’t be helped immensely by this bill but the wholesalers and the folks who have hundreds of dogs they breed every time the females come in heat, they’re lining up for this one.

Its time to call Governor Vilsack and let him know that we’re watching. And let him know that you aren’t interested in even CONSIDERING a man who would sign this piece of excremental writing as a candidate for president of the United States. You do know that he is being promoted by many of the Democratic insiders to run in the primaries in 2008, don’t you? And even if he doesn’t run for president, he is talked about as an up and comer.

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