Instagram Stars Ozzie and Ripley Roam the Pacific Northwest

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This week’s social media starlets are a couple of pooches who love to roam around the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest to satisfy their love of the bucolic outdoors. Fittingly, they share an Instagram account that’s titled Paws That Wander — and it’s a one-stop shop of stunning natural backgrounds and eye-catching dogs.

Here’s what you need to know about Ozzie and Ripley, a duo with a confirmed case of wanderlust.

Meet Ozzie

(Image via Instagram)

First, let’s greet Ozzie with a formal introduction. He’s a sterling Golden Retriever and the big brother dog of the duo. If he had a personal credo for life, it would be: “We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong.”

Now let’s get to know Ripley

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Ripley is a striking Siberian Husky who’s blessed with some beautifully intense (if occasionally goofy) blue eyes. She’s younger than Ozzie and views the world with a sense of wonderment.

She’s also apparently a fan of the words of Dr. Seuss, and likes to quote from Oh, The Places You’ll Go:

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!”

Total adventure dogs

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Spring might finally be coming into bloom, but when you’re an adventure dog at heart, you want to be outside whatever the season. To that end, Ozzie and Ripley recently gave winter one last frosty hurrah as they teamed up with some other outdoors loving dogs, Oliver and Juno, to embark on a sunrise snow hike.

“Gotta take in those last days of winter and snow!” they exclaimed to their followers.

Nose to earth

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Embracing her youthful side, Ripley can often be found hamming it up for the camera. I’ll let the image of this recent shenanigan speak for itself.

No throwback

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When it comes to play sessions, Ozzie is all about chasing after balls. Specifically, he likes to get involved in a game that’s affectionately been turned into the hashtag Life of a Golden Who Won’t Drop the Ball for Momma to Throw. Let’s not attempt to turn that into an acronym.

On- versus off-leash

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Did you know that Huskies are one of the dog breeds most likely to end up in shelters due to their habit of behaving a little on the wild side when off-leash? Ripley’s owner is very vocal about proper Husky care when it comes to this issue — and together they keep up a 15 to 20 minute regime of positive training routines every single day.

Hard rock life

(Image via Instagram)

What’s Ripley doing here?

Well, it seems that after her human pointed to a rock and commanded, “Up, up,” she swam out to it and tried her very hardest to surmount the rock.

Then she promptly gave up.

Calling her Ripley the Mermaid is still a sore point.

A fireside chat

(Image via Instagram)

And what does an adventure dog do after spending sunrise to sunset out galavanting around in the grand wilderness?

Why, you retire to a warm and cosy room and snuggle up in front of a toasty fireplace.

Make your way over to Ozzie and Ripley’s Instagram account for more of their stunning photos.

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