Include Your Dog in the Thanksgiving Celebration With These Tasty Treats

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Friends and family across the country will soon gather to celebrate Thanksgiving. My dogs count as both, which is why I include them in the food-centric festivities by making them an extra-special treat to enjoy.

This year, I plan to bake up a batch of Kira and Angie’s Thanksgiving Feast Treats, a recipe that writer Claire Lower shared last year on Dogster. These dog-friendly cookies contain limited, healthy ingredients — including turkey! — and take less than an hour to make. See the recipe here.

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The namesakes of Claire Lower’s wonderful recipe. (Photo by Claire Lower)

Claire has other dog-treat recipes that are perfect for the holidays, too, such as her Olive Oil and Flax-Seed Cheese Biscuits and Kira’s No-Bake Carrot Cake Balls, and for those of you who put up your Christmas tree before Thanksgiving, check out her Minty Carob-Dipped Christmas Cookies.

And since we’re already talking about Thanksgiving, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share these reminders of what NOT to feed your dogs from the holiday table and why:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

About the author: Longtime journalist Pamela Mitchell loves dogs, so much so that she made them her day job in 2014 by joining as Senior Editor. She lives in Houston, Texas, with her sweet and stinky Boston Terriers, Dolly and Spot. Read more of her writing on Dogster.

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