I Am Addicted to Dog Beds


I have more dog beds in my house than plates in my cupboard. I have round beds, square beds, high-walled beds, flat beds, raised beds, pop-up beds, hooded beds, memory-foam beds, and every other type known to petkind. I’m a bedaholic. (I started to count the beds for this article — once I reached 34, I got tired and stopped.)

But, before you send me off to rehab, I have a reason (like every addict is quick to point out): I need all of them.

Raised dog beds
Raised beds are more comfortable than the hard floor. The pink one has a memory-foam rug on it, for extra cushiness, and is portable so we can take it on outings. (Photo by Amber Avines)

In the winter, our hardwood floors get very cold to the touch, which means the dogs need raised beds so they’re not lying where the drafts are the worst. I use beds on the couch so they can stay warm and comfy up there, too. In fact, I haven’t been able to use my couch since October because it’s covered in dog beds. (I should probably try to reclaim it since the weather is warm now, but they’re resting there as I write this, and they look so comfy.) For my bed, make that our bed, I have lots of high-walled beds to keep them cozy and a ton of fluffy dog blankets.

Even though there are beds all over the house, Chuck insisted on squeezing into a bed that was already occupied by Jeremy. (Photo by Amber Avines)

For the summer months, the dogs need beds that are comfortable but not hot. Our place can get very warm (since we don’t have air conditioning), and the more air circulation there is, the easier it is to stay cool. For this purpose, I have many flat beds that don’t block the breeze from the fans. I also have beds with cooler fabrics, unlike the fuzzy ones we use in winter.

And since our floors are hard, there are also bigger beds with thick memory-foam bottoms or raised beds for extra comfort. For sunbathing, the dogs have Coolaroo beds outside, three since the sun shifts throughout the day. Oh, and of course, there are beds in the car.

photo (1)
There are plenty of Coolaroos in the back yard for the dogs to choose from. Chuck likes this one. (Photo by Amber Avines)

Regardless of the season, I always have seven to 10 beds out. This gives the pups a selection, and they can go where they’re most comfortable.

When it’s laundry time, I pick up all the beds and blankies (I have dozens of those, too, in different fabrics and densities for each season) and put down clean ones. With an ample supply of beds, I always have fresh ones available; so, it doesn’t matter when I get to the laundry since there’s not a rush.

Alex and Chuck napping
Alexander and Chuck love a good catnap. (Photo by Amber Avines)

As you can imagine, storage is a problem. I usually have a pile of dog beds stashed somewhere (it’s not easy to store them due to the varying sizes), and it makes the room look messy. But, it is what it is.

Whenever I go to Costco with my mom, she tries to keep me away from the dog beds. She knows I have an addiction. But, sometimes they have a new style that I think the dogs would like (have you seen the latest one that looks like a mini overstuffed sofa?). And, let’s face it, the pet aisle at Costco is full of great things (don’t even get me started on dog toys).

Dog sleeping in toy box
Animals can be so unreasonable sometimes. Even though there are a dozen beds placed throughout the living room, Alexander takes a snooze in the toy box. (Photo by Amber Avines)

Do I have too many dog beds? Yeah. My only defense is my desire to ensure my dogs are always comfortable. Their happiness is my happiness.

Yes, I’m a addict, an unadulterated bedaholic. It’s out of love, though.

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