Pix We Love: Husky Puppies Make Us Want to Howl!

These 10 cute Husky puppy pictures are going to make your day.


I was talking to my dog once during a walk. Out of nowhere, Tina said she was interested in seeing some pictures of Husky puppies when we got home. “Husky puppies?” I responded, and asked her why she’d developed such a sudden interest in them. She said it wasn’t sudden at all, mentioning a general admiration of their friendly demeanor and noting her aesthetic pleasure in their bold and distinctive fur patterns. Accordingly, when we returned, I did my best to round up as many photos of irresistible Alaskan and Siberian Huskies as I could find and duly made my presentation. Not once did I think to ask my dog how she’d acquired the power of speech.

While I cannot share that arcane knowledge with you, I still have all those lovely Husky puppy pictures sitting around, so I’ve arranged them in a pleasing fashion for your enjoyment! Each of these Husky puppies will make you howl with amazement, joy, and unutterable delight. They come with my own dog’s seal of approval.

Trot out the Husky puppies!

Here’s a real beauty to get us off on the right foot. Though Husky puppies can and do live all over the world, the merest mention of the Husky conjures images of harsh, cold terrain and fresh powder as far as the eye can see. I have to admit that Husky puppies also, for some reason, make me think of Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Sisqó. Ah yes, those gentlemen were in a film with Huskies, called Snow Dogs, if memory serves.

Before you start to worry about young Kiba here, know that she’s the newest member of a family that already had five other Huskies! They are welcoming Kiba to the pack. Husky puppies are natural pack animals, and Kiba’s finding out that there’s nothing as much fun as having lots of friends to play with. The look on Kiba’s face reminds me of a scene in Monster Zero; Godzilla has just defeated the three-headed monster, King Ghidorah, and does a little dance. The controller of Planet X observes this unguarded celebration and effuses, “A happy moment!” Husky puppies are all about happy moments.

This Husky puppy is named Freya, and she lives in Germany. When this photo was taken, Freya was only eight weeks old! Can you stand the cuteness? Though I have a mental image of Husky puppies as having primarily black and white fur, my research has opened my mind to a whole new world of possibilities. I’ve been overwhelmed to find that Husky puppies have a range of colorings, including cream, brown, grey, and even red and white.

This Husky puppy picture seems to have been designed by the photographer to make you flip out. Those eyes are like the TARDIS in Doctor Who, aren’t they: “Big and little at the same time, brand new and ancient, and the bluest blue ever.” The eyes belong to Meeka, who, like all Husky puppies, is a bundle of energy. Meeka needs a moment to rest, but then, you’d better be ready to play fetch until night falls!

It’s a good thing I’ve seen all of these Husky puppies before now. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to sit still long enough to describe them! Actually, the Husky puppies yet to come might be even more precious than those we’ve already seen, but I’m not about to rank them. Next up, we have a coy-looking Husky puppy who is curious, if tentative, to approach. Her black, grey, and white coat are just set off by the solitary fall leaf that’s gotten wedged in the fence!

Now, this epitomizes Husky puppies for me. It all started on a walk with my dog in the forest, but it’s turned out to be quite a great spirit of adventure! This Husky puppy seems as one with the majestic scenery. The snow-crested mountain range in the background doesn’t daunt this tiny fellow at all. The steady gaze of the Husky puppy tells you to persevere. Instant motivational poster!

Meet Margo the Husky puppy! “Look both ways before you cross the sidewalk” isn’t an admonition you hear too often, but there’s no such thing as being too careful with Husky puppies, who are eager to see and acquaint themselves with everything and everyone in their path.

There’s nothing quite like a party of Husky puppies, because a Husky puppy party will run around all day until you’re completely exhausted. Then they’ll try to howl, making a bunch of mewling little squeaks instead, since they haven’t yet properly mastered howling. You’ll be hunched over with laughter and get cramps. Now you’re out of breath as well as energy, and in the best kind of pain.

Prepare yourself for one last Husky puppy!

There’s no way I can fully prepare you for the last of our Husky puppies. This little fellow has made a new friend — a hedgehog! When I first saw this Husky puppy and his prickly pal, my head very nearly popped off and flew around the room like a balloon.

Have you enjoyed these Husky puppies, with all their friends and their fantastic escapades? Do you own or know any Husky puppies? Please, do us all a favor and share your photos, stories, or reminiscences in the comments!

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