Confirmed: HTTP Status Codes Are MUCH Funnier With Dogs

We didn't understand status codes until someone added dogs to them. Now we're full-on geeks.
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Despite working at a website, we at Dogster aren’t especially tech savvy, which is one of the consequences of thinking intently about dogs all day. But recently we’ve been slinging around Hypertext Transfer Protocol response status codes like we’re on a Google bus and Mark Zuckerberg just got on with burritos for everyone.

You know what http status codes are — here’s one: 404. 404 is that horrible thing you see when you click a link and you go to a page that doesn’t exist. To put that in terms you’re familiar with — dog terms — it’s this:

There are dozens of other http status codes, we now know. We know them because the same person who made that beauty up there — Mike Lee, who says he was inspired by HTTP Status cats by GirlieMac — did countless others, all of them hilarious little riddles to figure out, all of them featuring dogs. This is high-level geek stuff brought to the masses. Learn them well — you never know when you’ll be stranded in the Stanford cafeteria.

Here’s our favorites, but check them all out at HTTP Status Dogs (and visit our story on http status codes for cats).

Again, check them all out at HTTP Status Dogs (and visit our story on http status codes for cats).

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