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How to Make a Festive Dog-Collar Cover for Fall

This homemade collar cover is easy to create and will add a little fall flair to your dog's wardrobe. Give it a try!

dogedit  |  Oct 7th 2015

Give your dog a little fall flair with these cute collar covers. They’re quick and easy to make — no needles necessary!

What you’ll need

  • Fall-themed fabric
  • Dog collar
  • Paper
  • Ruler
  • Marker
  • Fabric glue


1. Lay out your dog’s collar on a sheet of white paper. Use a ruler and trace around it, leaving 1 inch of extra space on both long sides, and 1 1/2 inches extra on the buckle ends.


2. Cut out your paper template, lay it down on your fabric, and cut out the fabric.

3. Turn your fabric so the wrong side (the not-pretty side) is facing up. Fold down a 1 1/2-inch edge on each short side and glue it down to form a nice finished edge on your collar cover. Use paper clips to pin while drying.


4. Flip your collar cover so it is right-side (the pretty side) up. You are now going to make the long hem; it will be inside out when you do this. Fold in half longways, glue along the raw edge, then pin with paper clips for

5. When your collar cover is dry, carefully turn it right side out. You can decorate it with puff paint or fabric glue and glitter if you like. Then, slide it over your dog’s collar. It will be a little longer than the collar, which makes it nice and ruffled!


And that’s all there is to it. Happy crafting!

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About the author: Erica McBride is a volunteer/foster program coordinator for a large Southern California animal shelter. She loves to make crafts that provide enrichment and comfort for animals big and small.