How Dog Lovers Can Optimize November’s Astrology Forecast

I confess my faith in many things hasbeen seriously tested of late, but two things I will always believe in are dogs and astrology. This...


I confess my faith in many things hasbeen seriously tested of late, but two things I will always believe in are dogs and astrology. This is Dogster, sothere’s noneed for me to elaborate on why my belief in Dog is devoutly unshakable, because chances are if you’re here, yours istoo.

As for astrology, I’m a fool for forecasts. Whether or not you actually believe in whatyour horoscopehas to say, you must admitthe zodiaccan bequite helpfulwhen navigating theoften turbulent course of human events. Knowing what sign a person is can sometimes explain why you and s/he don’t always see eye-to-eye, and prep you to prevent conflict. It can also help you divine what to buy – or not to buy – when shopping for gifts. (Never give a Leo anything cheaply made, for example – you’ll pay for it later with their scorn, as this is the sign of serious, regal luxury.)

But astrology can also help make living with dogs go more smoothly. We’ve seen how Mercury Retrograde causes things to go haywire. To recap, Mercury is the planet of communication and transportation, so all sorts of mishaps can occur when it’s out of phase, from leashes and collars coming undone to delays in the dog-walking routine that set off a domino effect of bad timing.

Armed with the knowledge ofwhen Mercury will go retro, we can be well prepared for potential snafus, and do our best to avoid them. So, to prevent a leash malfunction during a Mercury Retro period, exercise more caution than usual, and consider linking your dog’s collar and leash via a sturdy carabiner, for extra security. Be sure to incorporate reflective gear into your dog-walking routine when going out at night. Vedante makes extremelystylish collars and leashes (pictured above) to help light the way for you and Spot.

The final Mercury Retro period of 2010 will take place next month, from December 10-30. But according to astrologer Susan Miller of Astrologyzone, we will feel the effects of a drowsy Mercury as early as December 1. This spells disaster for last-minute shoppers,so Susan urges: “Get your holiday shopping done November 19-30 for best results.”

So, why not just start shopping today? There’s a planetary reason for that too. Venuswill beretrograde until November 18.This planetmoves backward far less often than Mercury does – every couple of years, as opposed to every few months -but when it does,we really feel it in thelooks department.The ruling planet of love, Venus alsogoverns all things that embellish or beautify – your personas well asyour home.

That extends to dogs too, so if yourAfghan Hound, say,is overdue for ashampooing and clip job, it’s wise to wait until after November 18 to book the big grooming appointment. If, like me, you’re a grooming do-it-yourselfer, take extra care to brush out a long-coated dog before hosing her down, to make the comb-out easier (I use a FURminator first, so my drains won’t clog upwith fuzzy undercoat hairs). And please be careful not to slip in the tub while handling a slippery dog – put a towel or mat down on the floor of the tub, to prevent a post-bathingaccident.

Venus also rules luxury, so if you plan to spring for bling while out shopping for your dog, or a friend’s dog- a pricey pet bed, say,or a crystalkibble bowl – don’t do it until after November 18, or you’ll live to regret your splurge.It just won’tlook quite right by the time that elaborately gift-wrapped box is opened. That goes double if you’re looking to impress an important client by spending big on his or her dog. Shop while Venus is out of phase, and there’s a good chance the recipient ofyour present will re-gift it – definitely not the effect you hoped for!

Finally, mark November 26 and 27 as days to avoid shopping altogether. You have been warned: According to Susan Miller, Mercury and Uranus will be in conflict on those days, which makes them “horrible for travel and shopping.” Hopefully you’ll have gifts ready for everyone on your list by the 26th, but if not, your only remaining days are November 28, 29, and 30. Happy hunting!

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