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Because virtually everyone I communicate with electronically is, in one way or another, connected with dogs (most of them are confirmed, card-carrying dog people), my...


Because virtually everyone I communicate with electronically is, in one way or another, connected with dogs (most of them are confirmed, card-carrying dog people), my Facebook page, Twitter feed, and inbox have been filling up with great dog blogs, videos, and articles, all celebrating the season.

Here are a few of my favorites, one for each day between now and Christmas.

Intellidogs Advent Calendar

Karen Wild is a fantastic trainer and behavior consultant from the U.K. Her website ranks high on my list of favorites, and each year, I look forward to the publishing of the Intellidogs Advent Calendar. Okay, so I admit Im a bit late in posting it, but fear not! You can always look back at the previous entries.

Each of the 25 days of Christmas is packed with great training tips, articles, videos, prizes, contests, and gift ideas. Check out todays entry.

Forty Ways to Help

Ive learned so much from so many of my colleagues, but few have taught me more than Nicole Wilde has. Besides being a great trainer, shes a great human with a big heart. She compiled a wonderful list of 40 ways you can help dogs in need this holiday season, some of which are really creative! If you cant donate cash but you want to get involved, you can always donate your time, talent, and commitment.

Let Me Entertain You!

I submitted a few of my favorite holiday entertaining tips to Karen Pryor Clicker Training this month. These are basic management and training practices that I use with my own dogs and client dogs when I am hired to attend as a puppy party nanny.

Safety First!

While this is certainly a time of year for celebration, the holidays bring with them unique safety risks. Partnership for Animal Welfare, a Maryland-based rescue organization, has assembled a great list of holiday safety precautions to help ensure your favorite pets can ring in the New Year in the best possible health.

Bakin’ Bacon?

I will be making some holiday cookies this week, and will be making some for my dogs as well. I figure if Ill be making a mess of the kitchen anyway, why not?

Because I know that bacon tops the list of nearly every dogs wish list, I use a modified version of this recipe. I never stick to a recipe exactly — I use less flour when I make these, potato flour vs. wheat, and I dont cook them as long as the instructions call for so theyre softer and easier to break into training treats. Consider any of the following modifications:

Including very finely chopped bits of apple
Adding real bacon. Mmmmm bacon. Use it as a coating or add coarsely chopped bits of bacon to the dough
My dogs think the only thing that makes bacon better is cheddar. I put a very small (1/4-inch cube) of cheddar in the center of these.

WARNING! You may have to hide and/or guard these from your human guests and/or husband.

My Favorite Dog Christmas Video

The only thing I like better than Christmas is dogs. The only thing I like better than dogs and Christmas individually is when they are together. And the best of all is when dogs, Christmas, and positive training all combine in a magical blend of fun for dogs and their people. Here is my favorite Christmas video, an online classic. I hope you enjoy it.

I wish you a wonderful, safe, and happy holiday season and wish you and your favorite Dogsters nothing but the best for a wonderful New Year!

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