Hogdogging Story on CNN — Another Name for Cruelty

I'm furious. That's right, absolutely furious! I just watched the CNN video on hog - dog fights. First of, thank you to CNN for covering...
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I’m furious. That’s right, absolutely furious! I just watched the CNN video on hog – dog fights. First of, thank you to CNN for covering this rural evil.

Next, DO NOT watch this video if you are sensitive. After being sickened by watching this celebration of cruelty you will be furious too.

Here’s the gist of the story. Hogfighters hold hog-dog “fights” where dogs are brought in to savage and kill wild boars in front of paying spectators (including children who are encouraged to actually get involved in chasing the hogs). Hogfighters openly defend these events with some of the most inane defenses I’ve ever heard.

    They claim this is a sport and their rights to have this sport should supercede ANY concerns about cruelty to animals! (I guess this is how they teach their children to interact with the world in general. Their desires over any social, moral or ethical concerns seems to be the main lesson here.)

    They claim that this is a “training” exercise to teach their “hunting” dogs to actually hunt hogs. (First, the dog I saw in the video attacking a wild boar was NOT a hunting dog. It was clearly a poor pittie who had been forced to fight. He was going after the boar the same way he would attack another dog. Next, I have lived around and with hunting dogs all my life. I have NEVER seen any reputable hunter use this sort of “training.”)

    They claim the hog-dog fights help decrease the overpopulation of wild boars. (I understand that populations must be controlled but this is not the way. Catch and release sterilizations or even more humane deaths, okay. Catching a few boars and throwing them in with ravening crowds of rural Mengelas feeding their degraded bloodlusts is NOT the way.)

I grew up in the South around these kinds of people. This is NOT a sport! It’s a sick, twisted entertainment that needs to be stopped NOW!

As a Southerner I find it very embarressing that these ghoulish yahoos would even try to make their vile actions sound like its some sort of cultural practice that needs to be protected.

As someone who is appalled that these sad excuses for humans could try to minimize their evil by implying that only a few animal rights groups care about it, and, by implication everyone else sees it as okay, really irks me (to keep it clean)! I do not support all actions by the HSUS or PETA. But I DO find this almost ritualized sacrifice of boars to be overwhelmingly WRONG! It’s a debasement of everything we as humans SHOULD be!

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