Hero’s Dog Murdered

Four cowardly punks killed the dog of a hero, Marcus Luttrell. He's a Navy SEAL who was captured by Al Qaeda and tortured. He is...


Four cowardly punks killed the dog of a hero, Marcus Luttrell. He’s a Navy SEAL who was captured by Al Qaeda and tortured. He is also the sole survivor of his team. Dasy was given to him to help in his recovery, she meant everything to him.

These ‘humans’ need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Right now that’s two years, which means the laws in this country need to be changed.

On Thursday I believe it was, Wednesday or Thursday about 1:00 a.m., Marcus is a guy who doesn’t sleep anymore at night. He sleeps during the daytime. And about 1:00 he happened to be awake and he heard a gunshot.

He lives on a ranch with his mother in Texas. He grabs his gun and he goes outside. There he sees, I believe it was four. It may be three but I believe it was four young men 18 to 24 years old, all of them, where they had just shot his dog. Marcus’ dog is named Dasy. Each letter represents D A S Y represents one of the fallen members of his team.

It was given to him in recovery to help him through the recovery process. This dog means everything to Marcus. Marcus had his gun and he took it out and he put it right between the eyes of one of the guys. He was standing away from them, pointed right between the eyes. Now, here’s a SEAL team member who is wildly, he’s just, he is having trouble, man.

He is still recovering from his injuries. He had just gotten out of surgery. He’s standing there with a gun between the guy’s eyes. He doesn’t fire. All four and he’s just saying, “You killed my dog.” They executed his dog. “You killed my dog. Why would you do that?” They run. They get into his car. Marcus gets into his truck, chases them over four counties, finally runs them into a ditch. He calls the Rangers.

Read the full story on Glenn Beck’s site. Watch a video interview and find out how you can help Marcus Luttrell get the justice for Dasy he deserves. Sign the petition on Care2.com to help ensure the monsters responsible get the maximum sentence.

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