Hero Dog Runs Around With Knife in Head After Foiling Criminals

If a neighbor called and told you that your dog is "running about in the street with a knife in her head," what would your...

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If a neighbor called and told you that your dog is “running about in the street with a knife in her head,” what would your first reaction to be? At first, well-known Cape Town, South Africa, artist and musician Vernon Swart said he thought his neighbor was joking. But when he saw cops running around outside, guns drawn, he realized this was no laughing matter.

Neighbors had called police about some trespassers they thought were up to no good, possibly up for a game of robbery or burglary, say police. The trespassers never got into Swart’s home, most likely because his dog, Bella, held them off in the yard. She probably chased them away, say neighbors, and she risked her life doing so.

In the whatever altercation took place, one of the criminals plunged an 8-inch knife into 6-year-old Bella’s skull.

When Swart saw her, “I feared the worst and assumed she was going to die, but incredibly she was running around as if nothing had happened,” said Swart. He swept up his dog, who looked like a unicorn gone terribly wrong, and raced her to the vet’s. He describes a bizarre little scene in his car.

“Bella was on the back seat and every time she turned her head the handle of the knife banged against the window. She obviously couldn’t feel anything as she was acting normally, but it looked horrific,” he said.

The veterinarian who anesthetized her and pulled out the firmly embedded knife – by bracing his knees against Bella’s head and pulling with all his might – said the blade missed her brain by fractions of a centimeter. A few more millimeters, and Bella would have died as soon as the knife hit her brain.

Bella is now resting comfortably at home by the fireplace (it’s chilly there this time of year), wondering why she’s getting special treats and meats, and why people are visiting and fussing over her.

We’re just so relieved that she’s okay,” said Swart. “She’s been with our family for ages and we’d have been devastated to have lost her.

“I’ve told the police that if they find the guys who did this we’d like to leave them alone in a room for a few minutes with Bella, and she’d quickly get her revenge.”

Dogsters, judging by some of your reactions to crimes against dogs I’ve written about in the past, I bet a few of you would love to join Bella in that little meeting with these guys.

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