Help Me Help Ella, I Need You!

On Friday I posted the horrific story about Ella, the young German Shepherd who was left in a locked cage to starve to death after...
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On Friday I posted the horrific story about Ella, the young German Shepherd who was left in a locked cage to starve to death after her owner moved out.

Christine Abrams, the woman responsible, was convicted of a misdemeanor and sentenced to 12 months probation, a $5,000 fine, and 80 hours of community service. Out of the 12 months she was supposed to serve eight in jail, she only served about six.

Abrams who was just released is currently appealing the case, post-conviction, on grounds that the police searched her house illegally. It is speculated she is appealing to get out of the imposed court fines and probation.

While it’s too late to do anything to save Ella it isn’t too late to change the outcome of future cases. We need to join together to help get Florida law changed, making animal cruelty a felony. Death by starvation is a horrible way to go, this should never have been allowed to happen and the person responsible got away with murder as far as I’m concerned.

In some states animal cruelty has been changed to a felony, but not all, which is a travesty of justice. Every Monday I post safety tips from Anna Nirva , the founder of Sunbear Squad, who started her organization because of a case very similar to Ella’s which happened in Virginia. A dog named Sunbear was locked in a shed and left to die, no one came to her aid until it was too late. The owner was eventually tracked down, arrested, and charged with a misdemeanor. There was an outcry from the dog lovers in Virginia, they got together and helped get the law changed so now animal cruelty is a felony in that state.

I have a challenge for all the wonderful Dogsters out there, to join me in the fight for justice for Ella. When I posted the original article it wasn’t to make people sad, although it is very sad, but rather to make people angry. I wanted you to be angry enough to take action, to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I want to get the ball rolling by bringing what happened to Ella to the attention of the legislators in charge, those who have the power to help make this type of change a reality. We need our elected officials to help us make sure a law is passed in Ella’s name.

My problem, I’m not totally sure where to start. I’m looking for people with experience dealing in legislation, with legislators, and petitions. As well as anyone who is willing to help spread the word, get petitions signed, and support changing the law.

You can contact me through the ‘Bark Back To Dogster Blog’ form on the upper right hand corner, the message comes directly to me. C’mon Dogsters, let’s make this happen for Ella and all the other dogs that depend on us for a voice.

Please post and cross-post this message, we need as much help and support as possible.

* Photo of Abrams & Ella courtesy FLORIDA TODAY

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