Help Bring California Corgi Bear Home

Corgi Bear was stolen from his home and his furmom is desperate for news of him. If you think you may know where Bear is,...



Corgi Bear was stolen from his home and his furmom is desperate for news of him. If you think you may know where Bear is, please contact Grace at the Expressions of Grace site.

Thank you soooo very much for allowing me to post to the blog! We feel the more people are made aware maybe the chances of getting him back will improve.

Started on 12/13/06 when I came home from our museum in town and let Bear out to relieve himself. It was at 2:30 pm and we are in Lakeside California. I happened to have noticed a truck and horse trailer pulling out of my driveway that day but had not missed Bear. Well about 30 minutes went by and he was no where to be had. Our house sits back quite a distance from the road and I am sure he headed towards the driveway. Bear would not have wondered off as he is 8 years old now and had never gone one step past our tree line. He was picked up! The story of our search is one that is unbelievable!!!

The pain of losing him we cannot describe. He was a working dog on the ranch. Herded pigs for my boyfriend Ron and saved him so many steps. He loved the golf cart and would kill for a ride! Ron has parked the golf cart and won’t drive it till we get Bear back. It has been two Christmas’s now without him. Bear loved his squeekie toys and never tore them apart. Bear is a tri colored pembroke welsh corgi, unaltered male. We have spent a fortune in money with ads and posting to agencies that rescue.

Everyday I went to all the animal shelters and petfinders, petharbor and also craigs list. One day I saw a dog that I swear is him. The eyes said “mom” just as clear as day. This dog was in a rescue in Lomita and the woman never let me see the dog! Well she moved the dog and we cannot ever see him. All I had requested was to just see the dog. She would not allow that and the foster home she placed him in slammed the door in the face of the police even at the request to just see the dog. Said “get a search warrant”. It was a Sunday and we knew that she would have moved him again if we perused it.

I just wish there was a way to make her let us know what she did with the dog. We have had a $5,000 reward posted for the past year! Bear is micro chipped and I even took a reader to read the dog! His chip # is 4414072B44 Please keep your eyes out for him! He worshipped me and always was under my desk. Also Bear is not very well house broken so we know that the rescue will get him back. If she did not ship him to someplace outside of California or anywhere we cannot find him. I cry everyday wondering if he is okay. He hates water and does not like to be told to stay in the house. He has not been in a crate at all so I am sure that has been a tramatic experience for him.

The woman neutered that dog that she had. If it is Bear I don’t even care about that I just want him back with his family. When I lost my husband he was just a year old and was ever so cute! We where active with the San Diego Humane Society Animal Rescue back then. My husband was Captain with the unit and we have had animals in our lives forever. Never not had animals! The police just told me “it is just a dog”.

Stealing a dog is like stealing someone’s child. It is not a lost dog! It is taken from its home against its will! The pain is terrible! I have riden in a helicopter looking for Bear. Also used psyhics to help and even gotten myself arrested for asking a person if he had my dog! This is a real scar on my life. I am too old to be arrested! I never even have had a traffic ticket and I am 57 years old! We just want him home. It will never be “home” again without him.

Thank you for letting me tell my story for I am not a crazy woman just one in pain!

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