Have You Had Trouble Voting for The Love of Dog Blog on the Blogger’s Choice Award Site?

If you've had trouble voting on the Blogger's Choice Award site you aren't alone. I've heard from lots of Dogster, Catsters and others who've said...


If you’ve had trouble voting on the Blogger’s Choice Award site you aren’t alone. I’ve heard from lots of Dogster, Catsters and others who’ve said they’ve gone to vote and gotten confused. Here’s how it works:

1. Follow this link to the exact page to vote for this blog.

2. The Blogger’s Choice site uses the official url of every blog so what you’ll see on this page is Dogblog.Dogster.com. While the official name is For Love of Dog Blog, don’t panic or click away. You’re on the right page.

3. About in the middle of the page you’ll see a little box that shows how many votes the blog has already gotten. At the bottom of that box is another box that says, “vote.” Click on that button and one of two things will happen.

If you have not already registered with the Blogger’s Choice site, you will be redirected to a site that asks you to register (Sorry about that but its the only way you can vote). Blogger’s Choice will then send you a confirming email which will let you click back to their site. Then click on “Best Animal Blogger” and look for Dogblog.Dogster.com and click on the link. You will be returned to the first page you entered. Look for the little box again that says “Vote.” This time your vote should be counted.

If you previously registered with Blogger’s Choice. you can just click on the “Vote” box and your vote should be counted.

4. You can vote on as many blogs as you’d like to on a mutlitude of topics.

Big thanks to everyone who has voted for this blog so far and everyone who will be voting for us in the future. Voting goes into very early June but please, if you are planning on voting for this blog, please do so soon. We’re right now in 10th place (which is pretty good considering how many blogs are nominated) but WAY behind the leader. Every vote counts! If even a relatively small percentage of the readers voted for this blog we would win paws down.

So thanks for pushing through the Bloggers Choice site to support this blog. I (and my pack) appreciate every vote!

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