Happy 10th Anniversary Bad Dog Chronicles!

Thanks Kim for alerting us to the 10th Anniversary of the founding of Bad Dog Chronicles! And yes Kim, you are soooo right! 10 years...

Bad Dog cover

Thanks Kim for alerting us to the 10th Anniversary of the founding of Bad Dog Chronicles! And yes Kim, you are soooo right! 10 years is a really long time! Let’s hear it for the Bad Dog Chronicles! (massive barking, yipping, howling and leaping ensuing in the background!)

First we LOVE Dogster, but before we dug dogster we LOVED (and still do) the Bad Dog Chronicles (Baddogs.com). On August 23rd they will be having a tenth anniversary allowing dogs to tell all about their bad dog deeds.

My crowd has contributed a few, but there are over 4,000 stories. Since they kind of invented the whole dog point of view on life, we were just wondering if you guys might give them a nod of appreciation… If you ask my guys 10 years is a reaaaalllllly long time!

Kim, and all of the pack.

Kim Simmons

If you haven’t had a chance to read this very cool site, here’s a quote about Bad Dog Chronicles on their home page:

The Bad Dog Chronicles let Fido and Fifi share their misdeeds with other Net-connected canines and their masters. If you’ve ever had a furry doggie member of the family that’s caused a ruckus or wrecked your belongings, you will have loads of fun reading about other owners’ plights. Plus, you (or your dog) can add your own story, complete with damage total and a friendly reply from the four-footed Webmaster, Emily.

Quoted from PC Magazine Top 100 Websites

And here’s a congratulatory email from some long time Bad Dog Chronicle fans! Could Mama Kin here be the same Kim who barked at us?

Hi all you Bad Dogs!
We want to be first to congratulate the whole Bad Dog Chronicles doggies and peoples for TEN years of great fun and education! The first story in the Chronicles is dated August 27, 1996. That’s like a whole lifetime for us doggies.

The BDC is the most awesome institution for the knowing of bad dog practices everywhere. Mom always says without it she would have gone stir crazy trying to figure out what we were up to next. What great ideas for trouble we have found here, so many terrific mentors and heroes in the pursuit of dog mayhem! And sometimes we have been very sad at the loss of good friends that we never met but knew so well.

So give a howl on Sunday, which is August 27th, for the Bad Dog Chronicles! We are sending lots of cyber kisses and licks…some droolin’ too cause, well you know how it is!

Thanks so much to the doggies and people that have taken care of the Bad Dog Chronicles over the years from the Cat Pack: Eliza Bean, Tavi Bear, Maggie Bean, Hannah Banana, and Mom Kim.

P.S. If you see something that looks like a giant prickly squirrel, just keep walking because they are NO fun at all.

P.S. Really, just don’t give em a second look…Mom calls them porkypines.

And there’s a book too, aptly titled, you guessed it — Bad Dog.

Congratulations again guys, gals and dogs!

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