Haiku by Dog: How Could You Leave Without Us?

Walk out that door without your faithful friend, and it feels like an eternity passes before you return.


Most of us do it every day. Sometimes multiple times in one day. At the very least, we’ll do it several times a week.

We go to work, to the store, to the post office or bank. We go out to dinner or the movies. We visit friends. We walk out of our homes. Without our dogs.

To pups who crave the companionship of their human family, this is a near tragedy. It is unfathomable — why we would leave them again and again. Which is why some dogs, like Tucker, may resort to devious means to delay or prevent us from ditching them — however temporarily.

Despite my dogs’ best efforts, I do go places without them — after I’ve given each one a treat to put the sweet in our parting’s sorrow. Then the waiting — the interminable waiting — begins, along with the excruciating anticipation of a return. Because no matter how long I’ve been gone, to my dogs, it’s been forever. Just ask Jasper.

Then, there’s that moment when they hear the car — not just any car, but The Car — come down the street and turn into the driveway. A quick peek out the window to confirm. Yes! It’s her! A herd of galloping dogs thunders to the garage door to wait in fevered expectation and joyous expectation. There’s the door slam. The sound of keys. The garage door opening. Lilah and her brothers wonder what is taking so long …

As I wade through sea of welcoming canine happiness, I know the whole process will repeat later today, or tomorrow. And I’ll get the same greeting every time.

How do your dogs greet you? Tell us about it in the comments — or write your own haiku!

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About the author: Susan C. Willett is a writer, photographer, and blogger whose award-winning original stories, photography, poetry, and humor can be found at Life With Dogs and Cats. She lives in New Jersey with three dogs and four cats (all rescues) and at least a couple of humans — all of whom provide inspiration for her work. Refusing to take sides in the interweb’s dogs vs. cats debate, Susan enjoys observing the interspecies interaction among the varied inhabitants of her home — like living in a reality TV show, only furrier. In addition to Life With Dogs and Cats, you can find more Lilah, Jasper, and Tucker (and the rest of the gang) on Haiku by Dog™, Haiku by Cat™, and Dogs and Cats Texting.

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