Greatest American Dog-Wk 4 Recap

Greatest American Dog moved to the Wednesday night time slot and the outcome was a bit controversial. The dog bone challenge seemed easy enough last...
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Greatest American Dog moved to the Wednesday night time slot and the outcome was a bit controversial.

The dog bone challenge seemed easy enough last night. The owners had to predict if their fuzzy partner would take or leave an item placed on a plate six feet in front of them. This included steaks, sticks and tofu. In the end JD and Galaxy won and Travis and Presley sent to the dog house.

But the excitement in the show didn’t really start until the main event of last night’s show, centering around a one hour photo shoot with a professional animal photographer. The kink in the tail with this challenge was that each contestant had to select a word from a hat (i.e. love, curious, lazy, angry, etc.) that they had to have their prized pet capture on film.

There were some truly clever ideas. My favorite was Andrew peering through the telescope out at the world/universe, however it was Galaxy who won best in show for his portrayal of the word sneaky.

So the show came down to the worst three: Ron and Tillman exhibiting lazy, Brandy and Beacon showing love and Teresa and Leroy displaying the toughest word of the night, angry.

First the Tillman photo. Sure Ron was lazy and didn’t put any thought into his photo shoot, but if there was ever a dog made for the word lazy, it’s Tillman. I thought the picture was adorable and captured the word nicely, but then again I’m pretty lazy myself. The judge’s comment that this was the worst picture of a bulldog ever was totally unwarranted.

Brandy and Beacon had the word love, and I gotta be honest, the picture she chose wasn’t very good. It was Beacon sitting, looking up. If it was the word begging, it may have worked. If it were the words sit or stay it would have worked. But this picture for the word love? Not so much.

Leroy’s picture of an angry dog was marvelous, however let’s talk about the way in which it was obtained. Teresa, his owner, put snarl bands (i.e. a rubber band thingy) around his upper snout to make him look like he was growling. He did not appreciate having this done to him as evidenced by his reaction. This, coupled with the fact Teresa just annoyed the heck out of him throughout the shoot to get him to be angry made it difficult to watch. She did, however, get a great picture out of it.

So who should go? I thought Teresa and Leroy should go. The question I asked myself was, “Does the end justify the means?” In my book the answer is no. In the judges book the answer appears to be yes.

Since the judges were going strictly on the outcome of the pictures then surely Brandy and Beacon would be judged off, right? Not so, they chose Ron and Tillman to take the last lap! Granted, Tillman wasn’t very good at any of the events but he was a blast to watch. I’m certainly going to miss seeing him and his down to earth owner.

I think this was a mistake, but hey I’m just a dog loving blogger. Let’s just hope next week they’re going to let one of the annoying people hit the road. You all know who they are!

Note to the producers of the show: I want to see more dog. Outside of Tillman farting in the pool, was there any non-human action caught on camera? Get in there and re-edit the footage. Bag the human stuff and add the dog stuff. While I’m ranting…we don’t need a ten minute intro recapping everything that happened the previous week.

That said, I’ll still be back next Wednesday to watch more.

I know you have opinions…please keep sharing them below!

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