Great Dane Removed From Basketball Star Ron Artest’s California Home for Being Underfed

You can't tell me this oaf couldn't afford to feed this poor girl! So what's his problem? Thanks to the Mercury News for this article....

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You can’t tell me this oaf couldn’t afford to feed this poor girl! So what’s his problem?

Thanks to the Mercury News for this article.

Officers say basketball star Artest’s dog, Socks, underfed
Associated Press

SACRAMENTO – Placer County Animal Services officers have seized a Great Dane from the mansion of Sacramento Kings star Ron Artest, saying the animal was underfed.

Neighbors had complained for weeks that the dog – named Socks – appeared to be starving inside a gated area on Artest’s $1.85 million estate in rural Loomis, about 30 miles northeast of the state capital, according to a county report.

On Jan. 30, animal services officers visited Artest’s home and issued a “pre-seizure” notice, warning the basketball star and aspiring rap artist that the black, female Great Dane would be taken into custody if the animal was not better cared for.

Placer County animal services officers returned to Artest’s 6,571-square-foot home Monday and removed Socks, the report said.

In an e-mail sent to The Sacramento Bee late Tuesday, Artest said when he left last week for a road trip, “my dog watcher was feeding both my dogs and my American bulldog dominated all the food.”

When he returned, Artest said in the e-mail, “I realized Socks lost a lot of weight. So I immediately isolated Socks in a separate room in my garage to eat and gain some weight back.”

He said animal control officers took the dog the next day.

“I’m glad to say all problems are solved now, and I’m looking forward to getting my dog back,” he wrote in the e-mail.

Artest has 10 days to request a hearing to do so, county spokeswoman Anita Yoder said.

Artest’s publicist, Heidi Buech, declined to comment when reached by The Associated Press Wednesday.

The episode has so upset neighbors in Artest’s gated community that the homeowners’ association plans to vote next week on guidelines that would require members to properly care for their animals.

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