Got an Aging Pet? Schedule Routine Bloodwork to Catch Health Problems Early

Recently I changed vets. I was very glad to see that my new vet runs annual bloodwork tests on all dogs over a certain age....



Recently I changed vets. I was very glad to see that my new vet runs annual bloodwork tests on all dogs over a certain age. While my older furbabies came up clean on the tests, it does add some peace of mind to know that everything looks good.

Thanks very much to Nika and her furmom for sharing this informative piece with all of us. We’ll all be pulling for you, Nika!

I wanted to share this with you… hoping that maybe you can highlight to the animal loving folks out there about the importance of getting routine bloodwork on your pups as they get older. Nika is the perfect example of why. A bouncing happy 9 year old Husky that everyone thinks is a puppy based on how she acts… only her routine bloodwork gave us the clues needed to find out she had a mass growing on her liver.

We do routine bloodwork on all of our dogs. We started this when they turned 5 years of age. With four dogs we can’t necessarily afford 2x a year, but we get the bloodwork done on them yearly. This gives us and the vets some historical numbers. When Nika went in for her routine bloodwork this past May, to know her and watch her you would have no idea that her levels were going to come back with the elevated ALT and ALKP levels that they did. The vets even told us that without the history they might not have taken it as seriously. However, something had to be wrong since her numbers were always in a certain range. After a few tests, we ultimately had an ultrasound done. Turns out she has two masses on her liver. There is no way you would have known this. She has been active, eating, playing.. seems like nothing is wrong at all. However, the masses are there. Hopefully we have caught it in time. She will be undergoing surgery in the coming week, has started a special diet, and we are learning all we can. We are also going to be ordering this book.

Nika is a fighter. She survived bloat a few years ago.. and we will get through this. Nika has always been a teacher as well. Pet owners need to know how important it is to get that bloodwork routinely so you have a baseline to work with.

Nika is keeping her dogster diary up to date with things we learn as we go. We also have some information about bloodwork here.

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