No, Gordon, No! A Golden Retriever Eats 16 Rocks from His Yard

Who knows why he did it, but the Golden Retriever is recovering after a two-hour operation.

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We know dogs like to eat things they shouldn’t. Back in March, Jack the dog ate 111 pennies, which were scattered amongst some bagel crumbs. It was especially dangerous because of the zinc in pennies. Pennies minted after 1982 contain lethal amounts of zinc; in fact, just one penny minted after 1982 has enough zinc to kill a dog.

Fortunately, Jack was fine. So is Gordon. Who’s Gordon? Well, Gordon is making news because last week he ate 16 rocks.

Pebbles, you’re wondering to yourself? Those little rocks you use to line your side yard?

No, real rocks. River rocks. The kind kids pick up and huck across the wilderness. More than 1.75 pounds of them, which is a lot of rock. Here’s what that looks like in the stomach:


According to the Daily News, the Golden Retriever ate the rocks in the backyard of his home Minnesota. It was a bad decision.

On Tuesday night, his owners remarked that Gordon’s stomach was looking a little big. Then the dog passed a rock. In the morning, the owners — who wish to remain anonymous — took Gordon to the emergency vet hospital. Soon he was at BluePearl veterinary center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, undergoing a two-hour procedure to remove the rocks by Dr. Jeff Yu.

“I opened up the abdomen and went into the stomach,” Yu told the Daily News. “You could feel and hear the rocks moving around in there.”

Fortunately, the operation was a success, and Gordon is back at home — and now, with a rock-free backyard.

“Gordon is doing great and is now back at home with his family,’’ BluePearl spokesman James Judge told “I believe his owners have hidden all of the other rocks in the yard to prevent this from happening again.”

As for why Gordon ate the rocks, well, you know. Dogs eat things. His owners said he had plenty of food that day, and Yu said the only thing surprising about what Gordon ate was the sheer amount of it.

“Part of the reason he stopped eating is because he couldn’t fit anymore down there,” he said.

Yu has a sense of humor about the whole thing, because, well, dogs.

“You don’t see too many dogs that eat this many rocks usually,” Yu said. “Most dogs will stop after one or two, but Gordon certainly had quite the hankering for some rocks.”

Photos via BluePearl by Dani Akenson

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