Goodby to a Lion King — Ares

The world is a sadder place today for our Dogsters. I heard from one of our Dogsters that a much-loved furbaby has died. We have...



Honoring Ares The Dog

The world is a sadder place today for our Dogsters. I heard from one of our Dogsters that a much-loved furbaby has died. We have all lost one or more in our lives and like Honey’s Mom points out, by honoring Ares we honor all our furfriends who have gone before us.

We remember how much we love and are loved by the dogs (and cats) in our lives by remembering this Dogster and his family. I can’t always know or publicize when a Dogster dies (as much as I would like to) so please, don’t think if your furfriend has passed that we aren’t paying attention or don’t care. I suspect that every Dogster has felt that pain and would reach out to you if they could. So as we mourn Ares let us also take a moment of silence for all the Dogsters and their furbabies who have gone ahead.

Honey’s Mom (Michelle) wrote:

I know this is unusual, but I wondered if you would think it appropriate to host a memorial on the Dogster Blog for a member of the our Dogster+ Community that passed away yesterday. Ares was a shiba inu who quickly won our hearts and lightened our days in the D+ forum. His daddies (Jason and Shannon) gave us the news yesterday afternoon and everyone is torn apart by the loss of our little lion king. We have started a stroll in his memory and everyone is posting such wonderful poetry and memorials to comfort the daddies and each other. I know that I am not alone in my grief. A quick glance in the Plus forum will reiterate what a shocking loss this has been for our Dogster family.

I hope you will consider posting some of the poems and thoughts that dogs and people have shared. It might help other moms and dads who lose their furbabies to know they are not alone.

Here is Ares’ page.

Thank you for considering this Joy.

Michelle Wilkinson

If you ever wondered what kind of community exists on Dogster I think you have your answer. There are actually two strolls for Ares. One is the Dogster Force’s We Miss Ares and the other is the Pet Poetry Group’s Ares Memorial PPG.

Here is one of the poems Michelle was talking about. It’s by Snuffy’s human.


There With You

He said I could wait for you,
at the rainbow’s end,
or spend my nights and days,
there, with you instead.

You, the light of my heart and my soul
only with you, would I feel whole.
As it was I was already missing you;
so there’s no question as to what I’d do!

Later I knew, when I saw
the softening of your face
as you gave our Lord praise;
I had chosen the bestest place
for you had felt my presence near,
gave me welcome with happy tears.

Know, that at night, when you crawl into bed
yawn and pull the covers up over your head;
on the pillow next to you, I will curl up
snuggling close, like I did when I was a pup.

Ill be with you in your dreams at night
and in your daydreams I’ll be with you, too.
Being kindred, you and me, this is something we do.
Though you may not remember I was there;
when you wake you will feel the comfort
of having spent time with a loving friend.

Yes, I am now a furry angel
Your guardian, with wings
And in being your guardian angel,
I hope I will make Him proud,
for I want Him to know how important
my being with you means!

Copyright 2005 by Snuffy’s human

We get to celebrate a lot together here at Dogster. Let us join together in celebrating the life of Ares and the lives of the other furry companions who have shared our lives. This is a memorial to all of them.

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