Giving Up a Puppy to a Better Life

Friedman and Larry the Cable Guy Sometimes adoptions just don't work. Its a hard fact of life but one that rescuers face way too often....


Friedman and Larry the Cable Guy

Larry The Cable Guy Adopts Puppy

Friedman and Larry the Cable Guy
Sometimes adoptions just don’t work. Its a hard fact of life but one that rescuers face way too often. The new puppy or dog could have intense Separation Anxiety (SA) that never improves or it just could be that the situation is completely unworkable. When that happens, the best thing to hope for is that another family and/or situation comes forward. Such is the case for one Dogster who wrote in to commend Larry the Cable Guy for adopting a rescued Weimaraner from Heartland Weimaraner Rescue AND for being so friendly to the dog he had to give up, Friedman.

Sean wrote in:

Yeah – I do have to admit, I’m not a huge fan for his comedic style, but Larry has a great heart when it comes to charity. Here’s a photo of him and Friedman, my beloved weimaraner, who I had to surrender that weekend. I live in an apartment and despite my best efforts to crate train him those hours I’m at work, I received neighbor complaints. On a positive note, a family contacted the Heartland Weim Rescue chapter and inquired about getting a weim for their German Shepard, who was grieving for the loss of his companion dog (who they lost to cancer).

Now lest you judge Sean harshly, I would suggest you check out his posting on his blog, The Pasty Journalist, about how torn he was on the decision and how much he grieves the loss of Freidman. A Weimaraner puppy is not the easiest of dogs to live with or train (I have two and one is about a year old). I can sympathize with Sean’s decision.

You were only waiting for this moment to be free

I’m at my desk and it feels like I’ve swallowed a rock. I’ve cried two times today.
I woke up, wondering how to handle my new dog. The whining when I have to crate him when I leave. The futility of making the crate appealing. The fear of neighbor complaints.

Follow this link to read the rest of the post.

Sean did the responsible and caring thing. He couldn’t care for Friedman so he found a family where Friedman could join in and have the freedom and attention that Sean couldn’t give. My heart goes out to you, Sean. I know you’ll be happier when you you’re in a better situation and you can adopt another dog. Until then, you can be at peace knowing that Friedman is having a good life.

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