Ginny the Jack Russell Terrier Is England’s Instagram Sweetheart


Ginny the Jack Russell Terrier’s Instagram bio gets right to the point when it comes to summing up her personality: She’s smitten with naps, treats, and hugs (in any particular order). It’s a combination that has endeared her to fans around the world — and she’s managed to amass a pretty staggering following of nearly 350,000. Not bad going for a rescue who was originally dumped and tied to a gate, right?

Now that Ginny’s sailing to Internet fame and success, here’s your formal introduction to this personable pooch.

Ginny’s story
Ginny is a rescue. She was found tied to a gate in the English countryside and left abandoned. Thankfully, a savior by the name of Chelsea Hope-England stepped up and offered to take care of her.

It ain’t all good

At first, Ginny was in a right state: She had fleas, was shockingly thin, and was suffering from fur loss, along with neck injuries from her stint tied to a post.

Thankfully, she managed a full recovery. These days, she spruces up quite nicely indeed.

What is a bacontini?

Ginny’s patented snack of choice is the bacontini — a concoction that involves bacon treats being skillfully placed in a glass (well, when there’s one at hand). It’s the only mid-afternoon snack you should sensibly consider.

Dress you up in my love

Ginny adores getting dolled up. If there’s a pair of glasses, a shower-cap, or indeed any sort of wacky headgear around, she wastes no time in putting those props to use.


The US Open might be over, but that doesn’t stop Ginny from faithfully doing her duty and catching and fetching any and all tennis balls that might happen to stray onto her metaphorical court. Look at her fly!

Hat trick

See what I said about headgear earlier? When it comes to millinery games, Ginny doesn’t play.

Introducing Ginny Jr.

Being that she’s kinda like a big deal on Instagram and can count on hundreds of thousands of followers around the world, it’s no surprise that plush toy versions of Ginny are available. This one here is courtesy of the Cuddle Clones enterprise. (A percentage of profits goes to animal charities.)


Is Ginny the official canine queen of the Internet? Well, in her mind it seems so!

Saunter over to Ginny’s Instagram to follow along with her ever-entertaining adventures.

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