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Get Custom Gift Wrap With Your Dog’s Face on It!

At Gift Wrap My Face, you can get wrapping paper featuring your dog's face!

Samantha Meyers  |  Apr 11th 2016

I don’t need a lot of excuses to show off my dog’s photos. That beautiful, wrinkled face is a gift to mankind. So imagine my excitement when I found Gift Wrap My Face: a site that allows you to make custom wrapping paper with your dog’s face on it. You can actually put anyone’s face on it, but, let’s be honest, I’m sure most people I know would rather receive a gift wrapped in furry faces.

Too cute. (Photo courtesy Gift Wrap My Face)

Too cute. (Photo courtesy Gift Wrap My Face)

I love it because it’s a gift in itself, and another bonus is the reasonable price. I feared that this custom print would break the bank, but at $14.99 per roll and $7.99 per half roll, it’s a steal.

Visit Gift Wrap My Face.