German Collie Runs Amok, Riding Train for Free

Should we call this Collie "wilding?" First he doesn't pay for his train ride and then they find out he is incognito as well. Thanks...


Should we call this Collie “wilding?” First he doesn’t pay for his train ride and then they find out he is incognito as well.

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Dog Commits Big No-No in Germany: Free-Riding a Train

Only in Germany would police arrest a dog. But arrest a collie they did, for a major canine “faux-paw:” trying to get a free ride on one of the country’s most treasured modes of transport.

Lovers of law and order that they are, Germans just couldn’t have it that a dog would dare to ride the train without a ticket. So, police arrested the rollicky collie near the central city of Kassel.

But rather than be angry, Kassel cops were amused by the dog’s antics. Police said the collie jumped aboard the passenger rail-car at a stop in Hmme, a tiny town near Kassel, in the state of Hesse.

Nabbing the collie

The train driver, luckily, was adept at multi-tasking and managed to grab the canine beast and tie it up to his seat. Police in Kassel later placed the dog in the city pound.

The dog also committed a second big no-no in the German handbook of responsible living: not registering his identity to city officials.

“It not only didn’t have a ticket,” police told DPA. “It didn’t have an ownership tag either.”

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