Georgia Truck Driving Rescuer Must Part with 65 Dogs

This man sounds like a basically good man who needs to find homes for some worthy dogs. If any Dogsters adopt any of these dogs,...
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Georgia dogs

This man sounds like a basically good man who needs to find homes for some worthy dogs. If any Dogsters adopt any of these dogs, bark in and let the rest of us know!

This article comes from WXIA TV.

Animal Lover Must Give Away Dogs

Reported By: Duffie Dixon
Web Editor: Minnie Bridgers

Even Mickey Adam seems perplexed. He said what started out as a mission of mercy has him overwhelmed.

He is a truck driver who averages 600 miles a day through south Georgia and for eight years he has picked up stray dogs along to the side of the road. He now has 66 pets he can no longer keep.

Fulton County Animal Control initially granted him a special permit to keep all the dogs because he lives in an agricultural zone, but things have changed.

“The problem is some of his dogs are getting out of the fence they’re roaming the neighborhood and neighbors have been complaining. Because of volume of complaints we had to revoke the special permit,” said Fulton County Animal Control Spokeswoman Susan Feingold.

They are working with Adam and giving him time to try to find the dogs adoptive homes because they say, unlike most hoarders or collectors of dogs, he has done a lot of things right.

“These dogs are all well cared for. They have up to date shot. All the females are spayed and most of the males are neutered. Some of them seem to be purebreds. They seem to be friendly, adoptable pets,” said Feingold.

Even Adam admits he is in over his head.

“This is compulsive behavior. Compulsive-obsessive. It’s just that anyone with a heart couldn’t see an injured or malnourished stray dog they see along the side of the road and just drive by,” said Adam.

At the same time he admits he is exhausted physically and financially.

“I don’t know whether what I’m doing is right or not. I just know I have to try to help them,” said Adam.

Adam doles out 50 pounds of dog food, 15 to 20 pounds of basted dogs biscuits, not to mention added daily treats like 20 pounds of cooked, cut hot dogs. His home no longer has carpet or fabric covered furniture. His 66 dogs have scratched or chewed it all up.

With the help of animal control officers he now wants to find them each a good home. Already word has spread in the neighborhood. A couple showed up Thursday night to take home a Chihuahua mix Adam named “Little Bit.” With tears in his eyes he said goodbye to the dog and the new owners promised to call him with updates.

As they left he seemed relieved, then concerned, as he looked at the 65 dogs left. He has just one plea to people in and around Atlanta.

“If you’ve got a big heart and care about animals come by and see me,” said Adam.

Follow this link to watch the video.

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