Georgia Puppy Mill Dogs to Be Auctioned Off to Other Breeders

What is in the water in Bartow County in Georgia? Obviously our rescuing friends aren't drinking it but some of their local officials are. The...


Judge Auctions Off Rescue Puppies To Highest Bidder In Georgia

What is in the water in Bartow County in Georgia? Obviously our rescuing friends aren’t drinking it but some of their local officials are. The following information just came in through the Dogster Force, one of our great groups fighting puppy mills. Seems that a notorious puppy miller died and left 204 dogs, which have since been rescued by some good “hoomans.” Now the local judge in charge of the case has decided that it makes some kind of sense (don’t ask me, I think he’s drinking the funky water) to auction this rescued dogs off to the highest bidders starting at $100. And, oh, did I mention the dogs have NOT been spayed or neutered? That’s right, while the rest of the world is trying to put an end to puppy mills, this legal yahoo is adding to the problem.

Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue needs help ASAP…and we admire what they are trying to do, and we are going to help them to get the word out about a horrible situation happening on in Bartow County, Georgia THIS COMING SATURDAY.

If you are a Maltese Mom or Dad, or if you know a Maltese…or if you know a Maltese lover….read up. This is most urgent.

It seems that a backyard breeder passed away in Ga. Their 204 small breed dogs were taken to a local shelter. There are Maltese, Yorkies, Chihuahua, Poms, Pekes and possibly Dachshunds.

Puppy Mills Will Go After These Rescued Dogs

A judge, yes an educated human being, has decided in all of his infinite wisdom, that the best way for them to decide who will get these dogs…dogs that have been in RESCUE AT A SHELTER….is to auction them off to the highest bidder in the shelter parking lot. Yes, you read this correctly.

These are unaltered dogs, and the puppy millers will be out in force. Many of them are older dogs. Some of these Maltese are pregnant and some are in horrible shape. Sadly, we already know about this, don’t we?

The minimum bid will be $100.00.

There are 40 some odd Maltese that have been safe in rescue..and now they are faced with being returned to a milling situation. GOD FORBID.

Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue, which is located in Tennessee, needs help to get these dogs out of the puppy milling system, and back into rescue where they should be!

THIS is how to help them if you can. They need funds to buy Maltese, and funds to vet them. Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue, We are a 501c3 organization so all donations are tax deductible. There is a Paypal link on our website, and we are trying to get a notice put up there ASAP about this. We will also send a digital picture to each donor of the animal that they help save.

How To Help The Maltese Rescue Group

Donation Information for Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue

Let us know what happens Saturday. We’ll all keep our paws crossed for you as you work to keep these little guys from being sold back into puppy mills.

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