If Your Dog Kept a Diary, Would He Pine for His Lost Testicles?

What are a dog's thoughts? After watching this video, we're kind of glad we don't know.


Every now and then I’ve wondered what it would be like to know a dog’s most intimate thoughts.

For instance, I recently wondered whether Ambroise the black Labrador ever thinks about me, as in, “I wonder what happened to that wonderful human who used to come walk me up and down the hills?”

But then I really thought about it, and I realized Ambroise’s inner monologue is probably more like, “What’s that smell? Is that cat poop I smell? Where is the cat poop?” If he saw me again, he’d probably think, “Where are the treats? You always gave me treats before. Did you step in cat poop?”

And here’s a video that proves my point. Thanks to YouTube’s Animal Translator feature (I’m just kidding about that, if you’re wondering), we can now read the thoughts of dogs in videos. What we’ve discovered is that, for a dog, the world is a mildly confusing place he struggles to understand while at the same time yielding to its mysteries as only a dog can.

But dogs are not as clueless as we might believe. At the end of the video, a puppy contemplates the greatest paradox of Dogism: “Where is the ball?” The answer he comes up with might surprise you.

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