Is It Wrong That I’m Obsessed with One-Eyed Dogs?

These photos make it clear: Nothing keeps these pups with a perma-wink from enjoying life.

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One-eyed dogs hold a special place in my heart. Whether infection, disease, or injury took their other eye, these pups carry on as if nothing has changed. They greet the world with a wagging tail and perma-wink each and every day. With that in mind, I put together a list of five one-eyed dogs I love.

1. Piper

I profiled Piper the One-Eyed Painting Bulldog and her sidekick, Jessica Stone, back in October 2012. This senior, special needs pup — she suffers from hip dysplasia, arthritis, and allergic bronchitis as well — creates watercolor art with her human’s help. Stone sells the works and donates a portion of the proceeds to various animal organizations, including the one that brought Piper into her family’s life, San Antonio Bulldog Rescue.

Piper also models for silly photos, which brighten my Facebook feed daily and go into packages Stone gives to rescues so they can auction them off. The pics also will come together in a photo book currently being funded by a Kickstarter project.

2. Pepper

Pepper and Teddy are Boston Terriers from Norway who also pose for fun photos, theirs complete with clever captions that always make me smile. Until recently, both of Pepper’s eyes shined for the camera. An infection forced the removal of the right eye last month, but Pepper was soon back to being his adorable self on Facebook, stitches and all.

3. Beasley

If you have yet to read the touching story of how Dogster community manager Lori Malm fostered then adopted Beasley from Muttvile, a senior dog rescue in San Francisco, please do: “I Fostered a One-Eyed Pekingese — and Couldn’t Give Her Up!” and “Anatomy of a Rescue: It Took a Small Army to Save My One-Eyed Pekingese.” Were I ever able to make the move from Houston to Dogster HQ in SF, I would request a desk near Lori and Beasley. That face!

4. Juno

When I interviewed Vicki Combs of Arizona Cactus Corgi Rescue in August 2012, the story of Juno made my heart hurt. Her owner had recently died, and a neighbor had taken her to an area shelter to be euthanized. ACCR took her in. The group’s vet determined Juno had a broken skull bone, broken jaw, and an eye injury that had gone untreated for a year or more. I was so excited to hear that this special senior finally got her forever home last month.

5. Captain Morgan

Odds are you saw the touching photo of a one-eyed Dachshund and his rescuer, Eva Armstrong, as it made the rounds of social media in May. Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue saved Captain Morgan from an Alabama rescue. Instead of going into a foster home, he stayed with Armstrong so he could undergo heartworm treatment before being put up for adoption. A bond formed between the two. It can clearly be seen in the pic, which was taken during one of BBAR’s block parties. So sweet.

If you love one-eyed dogs as much as I do, consider donating to one of the groups mentioned here. They save as many dogs as they can, no matter the missing body parts or special needs. And if you have a pup with a perma-wink, or any other health-challenge-turned-adorable-feature, please share a photo in the comments!

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