Forget Comic-Con: Check Out the Heroic Pups at Paw-Micon

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Even as we speak (metaphorically speaking), San Diego is preparing to play host to almost every science fiction, fantasy, and comic geek who can possibly scrape up the resources to get themselves to ComiCon.

But for those who are dog fans with a little bit of geek in their heart, it’s not necessary to brave the masses of people filling the San Diego Convention Center. Thanks to the Helen Woodward Animal Center, dog lovers have their own place to go and geek out. Yesterday, they assembled at the Stone Brewing Company Store in downtown San Diego for the third annual Paw-Micon, which has two advantages over the more well-known event: There are lots of cute dogs in even cuter outfits, and it’s free. As a bonus, there’s the chance to adopt one of the Center’s homeless pets and take them home.

Thanks to the folks at the Woodward Center, we got some pictures that show just how imaginative people can get when they turn their dogs into heroes (or the occasional villain).

For instance, the entire Star Wars oeuvre might have looked entirely different had these two been cast as Darth Vader and Yoda. Perhaps if the casting had been a little different, that second trilogy might not have been so villified by certain fans.


And apparently, even a Sith Lord can’t resist a scratch on the chin. Evil has its limits, after all:

Pug dressed as Darth Vader getting scratched at Pawmicon

There’s been talk of a Wonder Woman film for over a decade, and fans will finally get a movie appearance by the Amazon in Superman vs. Batman. These two look like they’re doing a preview of that much-anticipated team-up.

Two dogs at Paw-Micon 2015, one dressed as Superman, one as Wonder Woman.However, even superheroes need a rest, eventually:

Wonder Woman Puppy resting in Cage

And then there’s this fellow,who’s gone all starry-eyed in his role as Captain America:

Dog Dressed as Captain America

Our congrats to the people at Helen Woodward Animal Center for their heroics in putting the entire event on.

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