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While Bo was perusing Facebook, the boy gets around, he came across For The Sake Of Animals. It isn't a shelter or rescue in the...

While Bo was perusing Facebook, the boy gets around, he came across For The Sake Of Animals. It isn’t a shelter or rescue in the traditional sense, rather the founder uses social networking as a way to help save dogs who are going to die in shelters.

I created this channel on YouTube to save as many animals lives in overcrowded shelters across the country as I can through making these videos and uploading them here on YouTube. Public announcements if you will.

If you can’t see the video click here.

It actually started as an experiment. One day I got an email that had thumbnail pictures of about 33 dogs in a shelter in Ohio off their petfinder site. All were in danger of death due to available space at the shelter. After looking at the email I decided this was no way to feature these animals.

See I have over twenty years in sales and marketing. Using what I know I created my first video for this channel show casing these 33 dogs back on April 27, 2009. Their last day was suppose to be April 29, 2009. I called the shelter for an update and was pleasantly surprised to learn how far and wide the videos reached and that people were calling the shelter about their video they didn’t even know they had offering donations, rescue and even some private public adoptions. The video was a success. With less then two full days before the dogs would be put to sleep the shelter had received enough interest that NO ONE was put down this week. This has continued for the past four weeks at this shelter. All total in the first two weeks the shelter moved forty-eight dogs from death row. To date it has been four weeks and 56 dogs are rescued, adopted or reclaimed.

For almost two years now I have been trying to help animals in high kill shelters across the country by networking with rescues and shelters. I occasionally volunteer to transport as well moving animals out of areas where adoptions just rarely happen.

I finally decided since shelters are overcrowded and mostly underfunded and rescue groups are in the same shoes that it was time to bring the problem back to the public where it originates.

I just know there has got to be more animal lovers out there than the people I have met these past two years. I am hoping by bringing the pictures of these animals to the public, since many tell me they can’t bear to even walk through a shelter and this included people I’ve met who are rescuers, that more animals will get adopted and out of high kill shelters where many are put to death by gassing or heartsick for the crime of Just Being Born.

Times have changed, social networking is now a popular way to spread your message or get the word out about a cause. It’s been working For The Sake Of Animals and I want to help them by doing my part and sharing their message with you. Won’t you do the same?

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