Florida Dog Abuser Sentenced to Jail and Fined

Thanks to NBC2.com for an update on another DUIS (driving under the influence of stupidity) animal abuser. Here's another case of an animal abuser whining...


Dog Abuser To Be Caged

Thanks to NBC2.com for an update on another DUIS (driving under the influence of stupidity) animal abuser.

Here’s another case of an animal abuser whining that he’s getting treated too harshly. He seems to think he should just get some sort of symbolic fine and go about his life. WRONG! Thank dogness that the judge has better sense than that!

How many kinds of wrong can you see here? Start with dragging the family dog behind a car. Go on to letting 15-year-old son drive AND drive while dragging the dog! Talk about some family values! AND then you have the defense attornenys wondering WHY the defendant was actually given jail time. (I have a lawyer in the family so I have nothing against lawyers in general. In fact, Lynn would probably be the FIRST one to tell you to strap a chain on the defendant and take HIM for a ride!)

The only bright side to all this is that justice seems to be finding itself a niche here. Check out the defendant’s financial life after all this.

Man receives jail time after dragging dog behind car

LEE COUNTY: It is the end of a long court battle for the owner of an abused dog. However, it was not exactly the outcome dog owner Jeffrey Candler was hoping for. The case has many defense attorneys stumped because they are wondering why Candler is serving any jail time for a second degree misdemeanor.

Wednesdays court appearance for Jeffrey Candler was a formality that had been worked out weeks ago. The state told Candlers attorney they would drop the charge related to pulling his dog Shawney behind his car if he pleaded to guilty to allowing his 15-year-old son to drive the car.

The judge sentenced Candler to 30 days in the Lee County Jail, six months probation, a $500 fine, $230 in court costs, and she told Candler that he must attend parenting classes as well.

Candler pleaded with the judge to let him serve his jail time on the weekends but she said no. He called the incident a nightmare and said that he was terribly sorry for the accident. He said because of the intense media coverage, he has lost his business and he is close to losing his home.

There were a number of attorneys who explained that it is not common for somebody charged with a second degree misdemeanor to serve jail time.

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