Fighting Like Cats And Dogs

Lisa and I recently lost our cat, Moose, after 16 years. We got her about five months after we got Bo because we thought he...
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Lisa and I recently lost our cat, Moose, after 16 years. We got her about five months after we got Bo because we thought he needed company when we were at work.

They got along great, running and playing together like the best of buds. When we got Copper, years later, she also fell in love with Moose. She used to follow her everywhere and would actually lick her face. I think Copper believes she’s a cat.

After Moose passed Lisa swore we would never get another cat. No, not because we don’t love cats, but because Moose had a constipation issue for the last 13 years. It was so bad that one of the chapters in Bo’s book, Unleashed: Memoirs Of A Man’s Best Friend (Kensington Books, Oct ’09) is called Enema Of The State.

Last week all that changed after Lisa found a cat on our sister site, Catster, and fell in love with Sunshine. On Saturday we picked her up and when we got her home Copper looked like it was Christmas. She was so excited that she was going to have a new kitty buddy. Unfortunately, Sunshine had other ideas and poor Copper got a big swat on the nose. I’m sure they’ll eventually work it out.

As I was reading the news this morning I came across an article on a study that was done by Israeli researchers on the relationship between cats and dogs.

Tel Aviv University researchers said they found two-thirds of the homeowners they surveyed reported a positive relationship between their cats and dogs.

“This is the first time anyone has done scientific research on pets living in the same home,” Joseph Terkel of the department of zoology at Tel Aviv University said in a statement. “It’s especially relevant to the one-third of Americans who own a pet and are thinking about adopting a second one of the opposite species.”

Approximately 200 pet owners were used in the study. After analyzing the data the researchers concluded that cats and dogs can live together peacefully. Although, it was found that there were better results when the cat is adopted first and both animals are young.

Hmmm…I should have read this about a week ago. There is hope things might settle down in our house, and peace will resume, because according to Terkel “cats and dogs learn how to talk each others language–or read each others body cues.”

That does seem to be true, right now that big swat to Copper’s nose is coming through loud and clear.

Any Dogsters that have a dog and cat give us a bark, or meow, to share your story.

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