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FidoFOTO Helps You Make Hilarious Edits to Your Dog Pics

Create custom canine masterpieces with this free photo-tweaking iPhone and iPad app.

 |  Feb 12th 2013  |   2 Contributions

My dogs make the best models. Spot and Dolly smile often for the camera and give me goofy, guilty, and other equally expressive faces to capture. It was only a matter of time before I discovered fidoFOTO.

This fun app for the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad allows you to take photos of your dogs and customize the pics using filters, frames, text badges, and graphics. I spent a recent morning doing exactly that.

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Spot after a trip to the dog park.

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Dolly at the vet's office.

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Spot during a modeling session for the new Paul Frank hoodie.

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Can you spot the chewed-up pen in this photo of Spot? It justifies the jail-bar graphics.

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My sweet Dolly girl.

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What could make the goofy face Spot gives while eating a dried bull penis funnier? The addition of a mustache, that's what.

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Happy Valentine's Day, my loves.

You can shoot an image through the app or start with one already on your device. Learning to crop and use the tools takes no time at all. Once you master the app, you can easily share your silly and sweet creations via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

DMN Networks offers the fidoFOTO app for free through iTunes and the App Store. There are additional graphics packs available -- more eyes, hats, hair, and glasses, plus holiday and memorial themes -- for 99 cents each. I plan to download the hair graphics pack so Dolly can look adorable in the Princess Lei sidebuns!

Check out fidoFOTO's website and Facebook


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