FDA RAIDS ChemNutra Offices, ChemNutra Told Its Responsible for Tainted MenuPet Wheat Gluten, ChemNutra Claims MenuPet Had Other Suppliers

Isn't it interesting how MenuPet (or should we say Procter & Gamble) wants to offload the blame and lawsuits to a supplier? MenuPet wants to...


Isn’t it interesting how MenuPet (or should we say Procter & Gamble) wants to offload the blame and lawsuits to a supplier? MenuPet wants to blame ChemNutra (and possibly another supplier) for selling them tainted products. Oooo, puup little MenuPet. It just can’t manage to run its own tests on incoming supplies. That might take too long or add another penny to the cost of a ton of product. Poor, poor little MenuPet.

Okay you money-grubbing MenuPet (and Proctor & Gamble overseers), you made the money and now you have to suffer the consequences. Look, even drug dealers know better than to buy supples without testing. Just watch any big drug movie. The drug importers always have a scene where someone tests the products. Don’t tell me the MenuPet managers are not as smart as drug traffickers!

I’m not saying to let ChemNutra off the hook. Oh no! They probably made a lot of money selling cheap, tainted food stuffs to MenuPet and whoever else. These guys deserve just as much censure and punishment as the MenuPet toadies. How about revoking ChemNutra’s license to import food? And don’t stop at ChemNutra. Revoke the license of any other company that sold tainted food.

We’re talking about food here! Any company that knowingly, or should know, they are selling tainted food does not need to be in business! And don’t claim you didn’t know. Its YOUR job to know! You should be testing EVERY load of food coming into North America.

Our pets gave their lives in this food recall 9/11. This is a wake-up call to us all. If we don’t heed the warnings and act appropriately, their deaths and our future deaths will have been for nothing.

Thanks to USA Today for this news.

FDA raids company that imported tainted wheat gluten

WASHINGTON (AP) The Food and Drug Administration conducted a search of the Las Vegas offices of ChemNutra, supplier of the ingredient suspected in the contamination of recalled dog and cat food, the company said Friday.

ChemNutra said it had been informed the company could be held accountable because it imported the melamine-adulterated wheat gluten used in the tainted pet food even though the company had no knowledge its supplier in China had introduced melamine into the product.

“We have cooperated and complied fully with FDA investigators both prior to and since being served with today’s search warrant, and will continue to do so,” Steve Miller, chief executive officer of ChemNutra, said in a statement. “We keep very good records, which has made it relatively easy for the investigators to retrieve what they needed.”

A spokeswoman for the FDA, Julie Zawisza, would neither confirm nor deny a search warrant was executed.

A ChemNutra spokesman said he would be available later Friday to answer questions about this latest development in the ongoing case.

Menu Foods Midwest, an affiliate of Menu Foods, the company that recalled 60 million cans of pet food, earlier this week filed a lawsuit that seeks to have ChemNutra pay the costs of the recall plus damages.

ChemNutra maintains Menu Foods waited several weeks before notifying it about the problem. ChemNutra also says Menu Foods had other suppliers of wheat gluten.

Menu Foods, based in Streetsville, Ontario, recalled its products after 16 pets, mostly cats, died from eating contaminated food. Other manufacturers also recalled animal food.

The lawsuit, which lists Menu Foods Midwest, Menu Foods Ltd., Menu Foods Holdings Inc. and Menu Foods Inc. as plaintiffs, accuses ChemNutra of breach of contract and breach of implied warranties about the safety of the wheat gluten and its fitness for use in pet food. It said each shipment of wheat gluten came with a certificate saying it met Menu Foods’ requirements.

“ChemNutra knew that Menu Foods was relying on ChemNutra’s skill and judgment to supply high-quality wheat gluten,” the lawsuit said.

Menu Foods said it faces more than 50 lawsuits.

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