Facci Designs creates lifelike needle-felted pets. Photography Courtesy Facci Designs.

Facci Designs’ Creates Lifelike Miniature Pets

Looking for a way to get a keepsake of your pet? Designer Linda Facci creates lifelike needle-felted pets through Facci Designs.
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I love keepsakes of my pets (whether they’re still with me or have passed on). Enter Facci Designs’ lovingly crafted and lifelike needle-felted pets.

Designer Linda Facci’s detailed process starts with as many photos of the pet as the client can send. The pets’ bodies are crafted out of pipe cleaners or wires, with beads for the eyes and melted wax noses.

The most touching part? Experiencing her clients’ reactions. “My client decided to pick up her mini in person, and when I handed it to her, she started to pet it and cry,” Linda says. “My clients have told me my dogs bring tears to their eyes, but to see that happen in person, well, it was very touching.”

Learn more at etsy.com/shop/FacciDesigns and on instagram.com/faccidesigns.

Thumbnail: Photography Courtesy Facci Designs.

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