Eyewitness Dogster Account of Vick’s First Day in Court

Dogster Diesel Blue barked an eyewitness report into his buddy Sol today. It seems that "Sick Ookie" Vick still just does not get it! If...



Dogster Diesel Blue barked an eyewitness report into his buddy Sol today.

It seems that “Sick Ookie” Vick still just does not get it! If you watched CNN yesterday you would have heard one of the US’ top defense lawyers advice to Vick. He said Vick should plead out, apologize to everybody, offer a “billion” hours of community service and next year’s salary to animal protection groups. So what does Vick do? He does exactly the opposite. He publicly insults his critics.

What a piece of work! Sorry Momma Vick, but you’ve got one big failure of human on your hands there. I hope the rest of your children came out better because at this point your baby Michael is pretty worthless.

If you attended the Vick trial or protest outside the courthouse, please bark in your report. The rest of us Dogsters and Catsters are there with you in spirit! And send pictures if you’ve got ’em!

From Diesel Blue:

Hi Sol,
Well my Mommy went to the Fed Building in Richmond yesterday with Jack’s mommy. They stood outside with their signs (she put the picture in my photo book), and as Vick was pulling away he gave them the finger. He is such an evil man. I wrote some stuff in my diary about it.

There are many good updates currently, www.inrich.com, www.msnbc.com, www.cnn.com and of course www.si.com

He will be back in court on 11/26 and my Mommy and her friends plan on being there. This time they are going to stand in line and get in the court room to listen to the trial.

Tell you Mommy thanks for all the stuff she writes!

~ Diesel Blue

Here’s the diary report from our own Dogster-on-the scene, Diesel Blue:

Vick gave my Mom the finger today!!!
July 26th 2007 3:59 pm

Oh yes he did!!! My Mommy & Jack’s Mommy went to the Federal Building today to stand in protest of the terrible things Michael Vick is accused of doing to the poor little doggies. Mommy said that she stood on the street holding the signs that Jessica made:

“Show Vick what it’s like to fight for his life – Put him in Jail”.

Alot of people took their picture and they were interviewed by the Bloomberg People and the NFL Channel. Mommy and Jessica (Jack’s mommy) told the NFL lady that of course Michael Vick the coward he is, didn’t do it as he was walking out of the Federal Building, but once he was in the US Marshalls White SUV. He was in the passenger side and right when they were driving pass Mommy & Jessica he flipped his middle finger at them! Mommy & Jessica were very upset! Mommy told the NFL lady that it just shows how Vick thinks it is just a joke. Mommy also told her that this time his money won’t be able to buy his way out like he has done getting his brother Marcus out of trouble.

Mommy is going to go to and watch the trial in November.

Be kind and love everyone,
Diesel Blue

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