Look at This Dog With a Square Head

In Taiwan, groomers have gone geometric. What do you think? Would you do this to your dog?

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At Dogster, we don’t shy away from stories of extreme grooming, because that gives us a chance to show you this picture:

Via Paul Nathan’s book, “Groomed.”
Via Paul Nathan’s book, “Groomed.”

That’s a dog in there. Only one. And a little man.

But now a new trend has developed in Taiwan where people are foregoing the wild and the fanciful and the little man on the thigh for the pure, the refined, the elemental — the geometric. 

Would you just look at this dog:


That right there is a dog with a square head. And if you thought that was the only dog with a square head wandering around the country wondering how long it will take for a circumference to grow back, think again. This is another dog with a square head:


And another:


Three dogs with square heads, courtesy of the Thai site Siam55. In searching for some explanation for these heads, we hit Google translate on this Siam55 and came face to face with the limitations of Google Translate. In any event, this is what these square heads are all about:

Now becoming extremely strong currents. When sharing a dog with fur hippest out in the social world. The dog grooming shop, this store is a store for a small breed of dog that starts in Taiwan Taipei. 

The dog hair styling brackets. Shared eyes to the world of social media is that your opponents Ming Feng, by his given name was carrying the “Yuan” to do better than that, pretty much.

So, not much to go on there — unless you’ve gone all in for square heads and understand it perfectly. But before you pull out your ruler, understand that square heads are only half the battle in the war over geometric grooming. The other half is a circle — the perfect circle. 


grooming-taiwan-4 grooming-taiwan-5



So, squares and circles. The brave new world in extreme grooming — which is best left, of course, to the professionals. Have you ever tried to draw a perfect circle? Imagine cutting one on your dog’s face. It’ll look like you had a stroke halfway through and decided to complete the job before collapsing.

What do you think? Is geometric grooming the wave of the future or have you just had it with this stuff? Let us know in the comments.

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