Eva Mendes Says Dog Smashed Windshield. Wow, Strong Dog.

Actress Eva Mendes says her dog wrecked her windshield when he saw a coyote and went ballistic. Sound far-fetched? Read on. It seems she and...


A Belgian Malinois

Actress Eva Mendes says her dog wrecked her windshield when he saw a coyote and went ballistic. Sound far-fetched? Read on.

Eva Mendes (Photo - ContactMusic)

It seems she and Hugo, her Belgian Malinois, were on their way home in her luxury car when he spotted a coyote on the side of the road. Hugo, whom she says is “a really sweet attack dog,” was not content to just wave to his distant cousin from the back seat. Here’s what Mendes told ContactMusic about what happened next.

He’s fully trained, fully equipped. And he’s in the back and I’m driving and a coyote runs across… and for some reason Hugo becomes crazy. His instincts kick in. He just thinks, ‘Kill coyote before coyote kills mama!’

So he goes ballistic back there. He leaps across and all my windows are closed and he’s going insane against the windshield. So I have to pull the car over and get some kind of control over the situation being the pack leader that I am. I look over to my windshield and it’s completely shattered.

He’s fully equipped? I know what that means in some contexts, but in this context it must mean that the dog had a sledgehammer. From what I gather, windshields are very resistant to dogs. Windshields are made of laminated glass, which is meant to withstand the impact of fast-flying projectiles. Apparently the fast-flying projectile named Hugo was too much for it. Hugo (who is apparently doing just fine, not injured at all) is also far stronger than the reporter in the story below, who should not quit his day job to become an auto thief.

According to another article last week in ContactMusic, the 36-year-old Hitch star is not the world’s best driver. She leases a top Lexus hybrid, and “she’s crashed it several times backing out of the garage and driving on narrow roads,” the article says.

Does she get the car repaired? No. And she has her reasons.

“As a punishment to myself, because I get in all these little fender benders, I don’t get it fixed,” she says in ContactMusic. “So I drive around in this beat up (car).”

Wow, I sure want to buy that car when she’s done with her lease!

But let’s have a show of hands. How many think that a dog can damage a windshield in the manner she describes? And how many think maybe she was a little too embarrassed about her latest fender-bender faux pas and decided to blame it on someone who could not deny it?

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