Dutchess the Blind Golden Retriever Sees Nothing But Love

The therapy dog's life is filled with helping people, and she inspires others to overcome disabilities.

Last Updated on November 30, 2023 by Dogster Team

Let’s talk about Dutchess the Golden Retriever, shall we?

“Why?” you ask?

First of all, scroll down and take a look at Dutchess’ sweet face. She looks like her eyes are closed in contented ecstasy, right? At 11 years old and with a career as a therapy dog who works with children and adults with autism, there is a lot for Dutchess to be content about. It’s been a good life of love! But Dutchess is also blind.

About two years ago, Dutchess developed pigmentary uveitis, a disease that causes both eyes to become painful and inflamed. Prescription eye drops can stave off the effects for a while, but eventually the condition becomes so bad that the only way to alleviate the pain is to remove the eyes completely. So Dutchess’ human friend did exactly that.

Dutchess doesn’t seem to mind, though. Within three weeks she was back to work visiting classrooms. According to her human friend, the only thing Dutchess misses from her days of sight are being able to snatch a launched tennis ball, but that’s about it. Even blind she still manages to play fetch (though not to the same epic levels) and has taken up the sport of K9 Nose Work.

So what’s the loss of one measley sense when you’ve got so much else going on? Dutchess may not have her eyesight, but she has it all: her own kid’s book, a line of merchandise, a website, a Twitter, and an Instagram! I got these awesome photos of her from her Facebook page, which you should go follow and tell her Dogster sent you.

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