Dutch “Artist” Uses Dead Dog and Dead Cat in Her “Protest Art”

I'm not getting into a discussion of whether or not this is art. I'll simply say this crap registers off the disgust register. I don't...


I’m not getting into a discussion of whether or not this is art. I’ll simply say this crap registers off the disgust register. I don’t think anyone needs to abuse animals to “start a discussion.” If that’s what it takes then that person doesn’t need to converse.

Tinkebell is one sick woman masquerading as an artist.

Please be aware this article has some very upsetting information. I chose not to run the pictures due to their disgusting nature.

Thanks to Radio Netherlands for this article.

From dog to cat in one Popple
by Andy Clark

A dead dog that can be turned inside out so that’s a dead cat, is this art or simply sick?

The dog/cat doll is an exhibit at a leading art fair opening in Rotterdam today and it has been stirring up a storm of response in the Dutch media.

Animal rights activist have condemned it as disgusting and the political party representing animal rights in the Dutch parliament is calling for a ban on using animals in what it calls ‘extreme art.’

The artist who has come up with the reversible pet is Katinka Simonse and she works under the name of Tinkebell.

Protest art
She says the idea of the dog/cat doll is to start a discussion about how we treat animals and that it should be seen as a protest against the push to create perfect pets via breeding and genetic manipulation.

But for Parliamentarian Esther Ouwehand the artwork goes too far: “disgusting, it passes the boundaries of what is acceptable,” she told the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper.

Despite the criticism, the organisers of the art exhibition in Rotterdam say they will not ban the dog/cat doll.

The artist calls her work a Popple – the name of a series of brightly coloured children’s dolls sold in the US in the 1980s. They too could be turned inside out.

Tinkebell is no stranger to controversy several years ago she killed her own cat and made it into a handbag. This caused international uproar and resulted in her receiving hate mail from around the world

Follow this link to read the rest of the article and see pictures.

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