Dogster’s Picks of the Week: Road Trip Edition

Flying with your pet isn't always easy (or cost-effective). When it's possible, taking road trips with your four-legged companion can be a much less stressful...

Flying with your pet isn’t always easy (or cost-effective). When it’s possible, taking road trips with your four-legged companion can be a much less stressful option. I always enjoy the process of packing up my weekend essentials and heading out on the open road with my doggy on board. We’ve done it so many times, we’ve got our routine and our travel must-haves down.

If you have a road trip planned any time soon, you may want to bring along some of this week’s Dogster Picks!

1. Bucket Booster Pet Seat — Keep your dog safe and in one place with this booster seat. He’ll love having a full view of the road ahead, and you’ll love that he’s not bouncing around the backseat. Bonus: This seat plugs into your car’s outlet and heats up to keep your pooch toasty.

2. Lixit First Aid Kit for Dogs — This veterinarian-approved kit is something you should never leave home without. If there’s an emergency, you’ll be ever so grateful to have one on hand.

3. Thundershirt Dog Anti-Anxiety Jacket — If your dog isn’t used to driving long distances, the experience can be a little overwhelming. Thundershirts gentle, constant pressure has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs if they are anxious, fearful, or overexcited.

4. PetPac Travel Containers and Dishes — Just like you, your pup will get hungry along the journey. Make sure you bring his favorite food or snacks in these travel containers. They’re vacuum-sealed and insulated to keep food fresh.

5. The Original Kong Toy — Depending on how long you’re on the road, chances are your dog will get a little bored. Bring a Kong and stuff it with a treat to keep your pooch entertained. You’ll be relieved when you look in the rearview mirror and see him chewing on his Kong and not on your seats.

6. Blanket ID Tags for Mascot — Whenever you’re far from home, and particularly when you’re making pit stops on the road, you never want to let your dog out of your sight. But just in case he slips away while you’re pumping gas, you’ll feel better knowing he’s wearing an ID tag. Let’s just hope that never happens!

7. Toms Highlands Brown Fleece Botas — Even though you won’t be on your feet much while you’re driving, you’ll want to make sure your shoes are comfortable. I love wearing fleece-lined shoes when I’m on the road. It feels like I’m wearing slippers.

8. 3D Drawing Pad — If you’re sitting on the passenger side, you might need to keep yourself entertained. I love this pad that gives my car doodles a new dimension.

9. Halsea Little Harbor Weekend Bag — A great weekend getaway bag is always a must when heading out on the open highway. I like to keep mine fun and vibrant, which is why I love this one. It’s also made from laminated cotton for extra durability.

10. Spotted Sweater Leggings — Keep your long drive as comfortable as possible by wearing something you could practically sleep in. These leggings are made from merino wool and pretty much the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

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