Dogster’s Picks of the Week: Halloween Edition

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with my dog. Every year, I dress him up in something unique and we head out...


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with my dog. Every year, I dress him up in something unique and we head out for treats and tons of ooohs and awwws. Come to think of it, I’m not sure who loves the attention more. Luckily, I have a dog who doesn’t mind sporting a Halloween costume. In fact, he truly seems to enjoy it. If you’ve got a pooch who loves to dress up for Halloween, check out some of this year’s favorites.

Have a safe and Happy Howl-o-ween!

1. Animal Planet Triceratops and Raptor Dog Costume — Whether your dog is an herbivore or a carnivore, he’s going to be the fiercest-looking dog in Jurassic Bark. I highly recommend checking out all of Animal Planet’s dog costumes. They’re incredible!

2. Indiana Bones — Is your dog the adventurous type? Then perhaps he should be dashing through the Halloween dog parade as Indiana Bones the thrill-seeking dog!

3. Mermaid Costume — This one is perfect for the lady dogs out there who want to stand out in sequin scales. Your little mermaid will love the under-the-sea crab toy that comes with the costume.

4. Banana Split Pet Costume — Complete with three scoops of ice cream and a cherry on top, this costume is the way to go if you have the sweetest dog around.

5. Chef Dog Costume — Dressed up as Chef Boyar-dog, your pooch will look like he has what it takes to be crowned the next Top Chef.

6. Martha Stewart Devil Dog Costume — Martha Stewart never disappoints with her lovely and well-made dog costumes. Your little devil will definitely stay warm all night long with this head-to-tail costume.

7. Iguana Costume — If your dog is kind of an odd animal, then perhaps this iguana costume would be fitting. It’s a bit pricey, but has some beautiful plush details.

8. Party Hounds Smoking Jacket Costume — Your dog is handsome and debonair and is constantly asked for play dates at the dog park. Yes, he’s a ladies’ man, and no other costume would be more appropriate than this Hefner-esque look. The pipe toy is a bonus!

9. Ghosts Glow-in-the-Dark Dog Tee — If dressing up your dog in a costume just isn’t your thing, but you’d still like to celebrate the holiday in a fun way, Halloween dog T-shirts are always a fun and simple option. Find a cool one that glows in the dark, like this one from Muttropolis, for an extra cool effect.

10. Chia Pet Costume — There’s still plenty of time to make your own dog costume if you’re the DIY type. Remember to keep it fun and get creative! This Chia Pet costume is bursting with creativity. Be sure to follow the link for the “how to.” [Editor’s Note: This costume was made by Dogster member Kitai!]

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