Dogster Writes in to Encourage Dogsters to Get Emergency Info Before Its Needed

Smoke and the "Weenies in the Hoodies" Smoke wrote in to bring our attention to Here's a post I started in the Health and Plus...

Call The Vet, Don’t Just Post On A Forum

Smoke and Weenies in the Hoodies
Smoke and the “Weenies in the Hoodies”
Smoke wrote in to bring our attention to:

Here’s a post I started in the Health and Plus forums today. I have e-mailed with Jamie, the Moderator, last week about if Dogster could start some type of page or links that would help dog lovers in emergencies. I asked if they could maybe put a disclaimer on the Health forum and maybe have Dr. Barchus help them gather links that would be helpful for owners to determine a course of action.

Too many times people post on the forums when they should be calling the vet or taking the dog in.

Here’s the link to the thread I started.

Maybe you could post something in the Dog Blog?

Smoke, spreading the word about Pet First Aid Awareness

Consider that word spread Smoke! Here’s the posting on the Dog Health Forum:

This is a special Smoke PSA (Puppy Service Announcement)…..

*poooooooke* *pooooooke* *pooooooke*

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Health Forum to bring you this special PSA:

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month. This is rather timely since there have been some posts recently where dog Moms and Dads have posted some rather urgent sounding medical questions in the forums.

Everyone who has a pet should take the time to prepare for emergencies. There are a lot of good books out there that can help you figure out what to do in an emergency.

Things you can do:

* Talk with your vet about what to do in an emergency. How to call them or who to call when they’re closed.
* Have a pet first aid kit ready.
* Get a book on dealing with pet emergencies. At the very least, get a book specific to your breed of dog(s).
* Visit this site for more information on Pet First Aid Awareness.

Thank you for your cooperation. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Health Forum discussion.

*poooooooke* *pooooooke* *pooooooke*

Thanks Smoke!

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