Dogster Teddi Sue Stolen in Auburn, Washington!

How terrible for Teddi Sue and her furmom! Let's all put her in ourt thoughts! And if you're in the Auburn, Washington area you might...


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How terrible for Teddi Sue and her furmom! Let’s all put her in ourt thoughts! And if you’re in the Auburn, Washington area you might want to make a call or two to your vet and let him or her know to be on the lookout too!

Thanks to Deanna, Jezzie’s furmom, for barking in this alert from Rocky.

I want to get the word spread….This thread came across my group and I would like ALLLLLL WA DOGSTERS to keep their eyes open and if it is not too much ALERT your vet to keep their eyes open as well. As many as of us know sometimes they do end up at the vet when lost. Please WA lets show some kindness!

Subject: STOLEN with Mommy’s car in Auburn, Washington

This is D’Ann and my heart is aching terribly. Teddi Sue and I took a trip up to Washington State this past weekend, intending to be home on Monday afternoon. On Monday morning I filled my car’s gas tank, and then stopped to eat a quick breakfast before beginning the 5 hour drive back home to Eugene from Auburn, Washinton. I left Teddi Sue in my locked car, a 1990 white Toyota Camry, in her crate. I had covered the crate with a blanket so that it could not be seen if anyone were to look into my car. It was a sunny day up here, but not overly warm. I ordered my food then went out to check my little sweetie to make sure that it wasn’t getting hot in the car. I got my food and then went back to check her again before I ate. The temp. in the car was comfortable and she was content. I went in, ate my food and paid. I had last checked her no longer than 15 minutes before. When I went out to begin the 5 hour drive home to Eugene, my car, with Teddi Sue inside, was gone. The Auburn police took the report and have issued an alert to look for my car. I am totally devastated and worrying about my baby girl. The police have asked me to remain here in Auburn for the next few days, because if my car, and/or Teddi Sue, are found, it will probably be within the following 2-3 days . I am doing all I can think of to get the word out and look for Teddi Sue. I will let you know, or phone a pal to let you know (if I don’t have computer access) if I find out anything about my darling little girl. Please, please, please pray for my Teddi to come back to me. Thank you. – Mommy D’Ann

Dee & ROcky

(Joy note on 4/20– Princess Cookie just announced to one of the groups that D’Ann’s car has just been found. No Teddi Sue yet so let’s all keep her in our thoughts!)

(Joy note on 4/25– Word has just come in that Teddi Sue has been spotted. here is the message that Eddie Essig posted in the All Fur Fun group.

Whooo Hoooooo! Maybe I missed a post on this, but I just saw it posted in another group, seems someone has spotted Teddi Sue! Let’s pray it’s her! Here is the post:

I’m here. It has been a reeeally looong day. But guess what????!!! We got a phone call today! A man who lives in a mobile home park on the way up to Green River Community College saw one of my posters in the Cirkle K store where he works. He is 99 % sure he saw Teddi Sue wandering around the park at about 3:00 this afternoon! He left the call on Lori’s answering machine so we didn’t get the message until almost dark. We raced up there and looked all over the place and called her name. We could not find her, but I am going back at first light of day and I am staying there until I bang on every door in that place. If it’s her, and he described her perfectly, but no collar, then someone that lives there probably has her. It is a huge mobile home park called College Place. I am sooo tired from beating feet all over town for days (and nights) so I am going to go to sleep early and get right on this in the morning. I should have called someone earlier but I forgot my phone in my car – I was so excited and in a hurry to get there before dark. We took Lori’s car. I will have my phone tomorrow and if I find that baby, you will all be notified immediately. I am just dumbfounded at the love and support our family is receiving from all you Dogster friends. I just don’t know what to say. Thank you just isn’t enough. I just love you all soooo much and I just, well, I don’t know what to say! I guess that’s why I’m babbling! I am going to go collapse for tonight and I’ll be out there first thing in the morning. Pray, pray, pray!!!

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