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Newsweek yesterday came out with a terrific article on how granddogs are taking the place of grandkids for many in the grandparent age bracket. As...


photobooth grandma and dogNewsweek yesterday came out with a terrific article on how granddogs are taking the place of grandkids for many in the grandparent age bracket. As fewer people are having children, or are delaying having kids, dogs have become surrogates for a lot of pent-up grandparent energy out there.

Its an epidemic; everyone I talk to over 45 is going through this. We want grandchildren, but we got granddogs instead,” Rozlynn Hood, 55, “grandmother” to two little dogs, told Newsweek. “I know Im not alone.

Thanks to this “grandparent gap,” grandchildrenless grandparents tend to lavish their granddogs with the attention and love they may have bestowed upon their human counterparts.

A top dog expert and maverick in the world of pet websites told Newsweek, Dogs give unabashed, nonjudgmental love, and in this crazy world, people need that.” Who is that maverick? Our very own Ted Rheingold, CEO of Dogster! Turns out his own parents let their granddog, Moxie, lick the plates when she visits — something they may not have encouraged a human grandchild to do.

The Newsweek article, which you should definitely check out, goes on to talk about the various ways grandparents spoil their canine grandkids. My favorite part of the article is a fun video featuring Dogster’s Living With Dogs columnist, Julia Szabo.

Although most decidedly not of grandmother age, Julia shows viewers the good life she gives her four dogs in her Manhattan apartment. She “spoils” them with love, attention, exercise, and things that add to their health and happiness — like special diets, raised bowls, and chiropractic. Dog clothes, manicures, and other froufrou do not enter into her picture of what makes a dog happy. Check out the video below, and read on.

Jake has already emailed Julia asking where she got that phenomenal wallpaper. And that stunning bronze dog bust by sculptor Jennifer Weinik, of Philadelphia — wow! What a beautiful homage to Sam. I’ve promised Jake that when he turns 17, I will get one for him, too.

I think it’s great that Julia put her stamp of approval on what “spoiling” one’s dog children and grandchildren should look like. Bling? Blech! Chiropractic for dogs in pain? High five! I’ve spoken with Julia about canine chiropractic before, and she swears by it — and apparently so do her very happy dogs. (An insider tip: If you happen to be in NYC with a pet who might benefit from chiropractic, she highly recommends veterinary chiropractor Jill Elliott, the chiropractor who made the housecall in the video.)

Dogsters: I know you are all very doting parents to your furkids, but I wonder if there are also any smitten grandparents to granddogs in our community? We’d love to hear from pet grandparents and parents about how you “spoil” your canine grandkids and kids. Leave us a comment, and let’s see just how doggedly devoted this community is!

Photo: From American Photobooth by Nakki Goranin

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